1 Timothy Week 3 (English) –

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For the 30th of October

1 Timothy 3
Quick Review
As you reflect on the sermon this last Sunday what particular point or passage was most meaningful to you?

My Story

Have you ever lead anything and felt completely out of your depth? What happened?

Which one of the following would you rather be, and why?
The Boss in charge
A regular Employee
A leader of a massive chain of businesses
A leader of a small business
The bosses second in charge

What does the world see as standards for:
Someone you should follow
The way to follow

What are some of the negative aspects associated with leadership? Why does leadership often go wrong?

What are some of the qualities the world looks for in a leader? Describe the ideal leader that you would follow?

Digging Deeper 

What does it mean to be a leader and what does it mean to be a follower?

Read Matthew 20:25-28 and Philippians 2:3-8
In what ways is the leadership described in these verses different to that of the world?

How does Jesus redefine and redeem leadership?

Describe how these verses are applicable in the way we lead:
At home
At work
In our families
In church

Is it possible to lead like Jesus did? If so, how?

How is the cross and how Jesus laid down his life for us the greatest example of leadership?