1 Timothy Week 5 (English) –

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What did the message on Sunday get you thinking about?

My Story

Describe the perfect family?

How is the church a “family”?

Discuss the following statements:
The church exists for me
The church exists for the poor
The church exists for the lost

How responsible should a family be for the needs of another family member? When it comes to the church is this the same? If so, who should the church be looking after?

What does a church that “really loves” look like?

Digging Deeper 

Read 1 Timothy 5:1-8
How do these verses show that the church is a family?

What do these verses reveal about the way we should treat:
Older men
Younger men
Older woman
Younger woman

What does “with absolute purity” mean? What does this mean practically?

What about the “widows”, how does that work out practically? Do you think caring for others is limited to just the widows?

How does the church as a family care for others?

Read James 1:26-27
What is religion and what is faith? What is God looking for in our lives?

In what way does this verse show that it is not about what you say, but what you do that is important?

How can these verses be outworked practically in your connect group?