1 Timothy Week 6 (English) –

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  1. What part of Sundays message stood out for you the most and what did it get you thinking about?


  1. Describe how the world portrays the pursuit of money and wealth?
  2. Describe how the Bible, in particular this chapter, portrays the pursuit of money and wealth.
  3. Discuss the following statement – “As you read the Bible what you’ll find is that God wants us to love Him and love people and use money and use things. Sadly, we live in a world that has a completely inverted view of reality. We love stuff and we love money and we use people and we use God.” 
  4. How should Christians view money and wealth?





  1. Read 1 Timothy 6: 1 – 20
  1. What are your first impressions after reading these verses?
  2. Do you think Paul is saying that having money and being wealthy is bad?
  3. How is money and greed a “snare” or “trap”?
  4. Are fear and greed related in anyway? And if so how?
  5. What does contentment in Christ look like?
  6. Jesus looks at contentment and greed in Matthew 6: 19 – 34.
  1. How do we practically seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness?
  2. Jesus tells us not to be anxious how does living free of anxiousness look?
  3. What practical ways can we use money to love God?