7 Lessons in Discipleship from Luke 9

By Martin Berndt

Take 5 minutes to read through 7 lessons we learn from Jesus regarding discipleship in Luke 9

1.     Jesus is our source and provides for us

  • Jesus urges the disciples to take nothing with them on their mission trips.

2.     Accountability

  •  The disciples came back and gave an account of what they had done to Jesus. Jesus encourages accountability.

3.     Feeding people

  • Jesus encourages us to feed people both physically and spiritually.
  • And there are always blessings left over.

4.     There will always be demands on us

  • Jesus didn’t chase the large crowds away.
  • This teaches us to welcome people whenever they come to us.

5.     Being left out

  • Jesus left the other 9 disciples out of the transfiguration experience.
  • Jesus used this as a training moment to teach the other 9 disciples what it felt like to be left out.

6.     Jesus doesn’t leave us in settler mentality

  • Dismisses Peter’s suggestion to build tents for Moses, Elijah and Himself.

7.     Dealing with failure

  • Even after the disciples’ successful mission trip, they couldn’t the disciples couldn’t expel the demon.
  • Needed Jesus’ help and guidance.
  • Even when we make mistakes, it’s not over.

These are just some of the lessons we learn individually on our walks with Jesus. As he disciples us, let us be encouraged to disciple others.