Church Growing: Through Worship

1) Pre amble:

Music forms a central role in modern societies. It is a doorway to our emotions, our opinions our buying patterns, or voting choices and our thoughts on eternal matters. Music also has an uncanny way of soliciting fierce loyalties. In church circles congregations hold doggedly onto genres of music for decades, regardless of how the times have changed.


2) The Role of the Musician/ band leader:

a) The lofty role of leading the church into Gods presence:

Music acts like a door handle to a Christians heart. Emotions are roused, bodies are engaged, the senses are quickened as songs roll across a congregation. The anointing of the band leader is able to stir people to engage God. David was such a musician, the Holy Spirit came on Gods chosen king when David played.

Ephesians 5 v18 And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit,19 addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart,20 giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A critical role of the band leader is to help the church to ” make melody to the Lord with your heart” . This is a lofty call , one which breathes life and strength into a local church.

Our musicians need to be striving to excel in this arena and to give what they have to the whole Christian world.

To this end:

2.1) We want to see the release of CDs for the purpose of allowing people to learn the songs

2.2) We want to see the songs written in the local church shared with other movements and flows, this is done by release of digital versions, social media and DvDs.

b) The mandate to proclaim the word on Sundays in a way that the unsaved hear the gospel:

Church services are not meant just for believers. When Paul speaks to the Corinthians he is clearly expecting unsaved people in the meetings. He warns against the improper use of tongues in worship for the sake of the unsaved. He encourages the proper use of prophecy in worship for the sake of the unsaved. So if unsaved people are in the building and we are to be  19 addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” , then surely we want to speak in a language and in a way unsaved people want to hear. Paul said that he became all things to all men that he might win some. Surely our singing at events and Sundays needs to be as good as the world and in a language that the world can relate to.

The this end :

b.1) We want to see Christ centered , gospel themes put into different genres of music

b.2) We want to hold events that the unsaved come to, that connect with them and  that preach the gospel clearly. These events can be in our facilities or in neutral venues.


3) The Role of our specialist ” Producer/ director” and our psalmist consultant 

1. To identify specific genres of music at the sites which are most effective: house, indie, choir, country, electro dance etc

2. An administrative infrastructure to help facilitate music on an enormous scale

3. A link to our multimedia department which backs musicians with multimedia, lighting and atmospherics

4. Network between sites Methods of bringing through new musicians

5. Source Equipment to do basic recording and friends/contacts who make excellence in this arena a reality

6. To encourage a missional community who keep inviting unsaved people to meetings

7. To find the resources to finance two CDs a year

8. Ensure music is on our Web sites

9. To help our musicians who feel called to mission in dark places to stay true to the gospel

10. To help these musicians release albums: eg rappers, screemos, afropop, indie etc albums

11. To pray for their fruitfulness and protection, and to include them in our missional plans.

12. To be on call to assist site pastors and musos when they need it

13. To audit worship at the sites and offer suggestions to raise music and ministry standards

14. To keep us current with what God is doing around the world.

15. To network with other churches in terms of music

16. To run at least one conference PA at NCF

17. To be available to consult on kids minst , fusion and connect group worship issues.


4) The role of the Elders at the site

  1. To lead the meeting on a Sunday , by partnering with the musos. Talk to them before the meeting, keep your eyes open so you can communicate during the meeting and encourage them afterward.
  2. Help recruit and identify new musos
  3. Ensure their equipment and stage has an excellence to it.
  4. Ensure the music, sound and atmospheric rosters are in place and adhered to
  5. Pray for and pastor your musicians
  6. Protect your musos from burnout, causal members and self destructing their ministries.
  7. Keep the focus on Jesus and the power with the Holy Spirit.
  8. Release and facilitate the gifts of the spirit in and around the musos.
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