Being Missional on a Sunday

Acts 2:42

Sunday – prayer and preaching, proclamation, prayer. Corporate

Midweek – fellowship in homes, breaking of bread, fellowship


Sundays (from Dudley Daniel) – worship, hear God, co-operate with God, be changed and transformed, kingdom come in our midst, priorities sorted out, encountering love of God, get to know God in a different way, lost coming to Christ, prayer.

“Community” is built on the mission. Jesus – in homes and also on mission. Sunday – in war. Midweek – family.

Three important things that have shaped Grant’s thinking on “Community”:

  • A study in anthropology done in the UK amongst 21 hunter-gatherer societies:

(eg Eskimos, pygmies) How many in a community on average: 148.4 people. (ie no communities larger than 150)

  • “The very large church” Shroder (12 years ago in the USA)

The hardest barriers are when numbers get to 45 and 150. Larry Osborne. Experiencially people don’t like it because growth = change.  At first when you start a church you are like a decathlete (10 different disciplines and you do them all yourself). Then after a while it becomes like a game of golf – where you are doing the same thing, but together and you take it in turns. When you grow to 30-45 people it becomes more like a basketball  game (requires a captain. Someone calls the shots, different jobs, submit to leadership). Then when your church grows from 150-1,000s it’s like grid iron football there are different teams, coaches, different training. Feels like you’re doing it differently. Family changes.

  • “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell

John Wesley – established communities of 150. When one grew to 150 he went and planted another one. Great commission happens on a Sunday! (not just “building community”) That’s why we have multiple meetings… it safeguards against the comfortable “150” People aren’t just hanging around for tea. You can enlist people. At war in the trenches (people helping).

People born after 1965 have been used to functioning in bigger institutions. (eg shopping malls) the concept of the department store only came in the 1980’s. (before that it was just small, individual shops, not one big shop that had everything you needed in one shop.) Younger people find it easier to go “on mission” on a Sunday.

Homegroups – expression of love, community, releasing of priesthood, live out your faith.

Sunday – God moment, gospel moment.

It’s not that you can’t have a braai on a sunday.  But keep the mission as the focus and not just trying to build community.