Bringing through leaders –

When a church begins, the pastor does everything. Your ability to gather, organise, preach, etc. is going to get your church to 150 people, depending on your ability, but, beyond that,

it’s your ability to release leaders that really counts.

Three introductory statements

  1. The goal of “fathering” men is to produce “Fathers”, not “eternal teenagers”
  2. Good fathering has got nothing to do with age
  3. Good fathering is possible, regardless of background

How do we bring through leaders

  • Create a culture of volunteering. If leadership is characterised by servanthood, then the first step in releasing leaders is getting them to serve.

Create an environment where people think about serving

  • Allow room for failure.

There are four critical stages in developing leaders that need constant attention

A. Identify potential leaders
B. Train/model
C. Release into leadership
D. Encourage them consistently

A. Identify

Luke 10:1 “After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others…”

  • This doesn’t happen automatically
  • Job of elders and deacons

We identify leaders through (a) observation (b) revelation
a. Observation

What should you be looking for?
  • Anointing (as seen in their leadership, handling the mic or facilitating game breakers)
  • What is their character like when the are under fire. E.g. when they are
  • Messy house, pool, dress, weight

Practically this involves

  • You should keep lists of those you are working with to remind you to pray for them
  • Look to qualify, not disqualify.
  • Look over their shoulder to see who is following them
  • Partnership with deacons

b. Revelation

We get revelation through prayer

B. Training!

Luke 10: 1-4

Model for training: 
  • Entrust while watching
  • Class room
  • Trips
  • See the price and the privilege
‘Teach’, what? (Luke 10: 5-8)
  • What to say
  • Which is why we help leaders with what to speak about at small groups
  • Expect miracles (v 9)
  • Preach kingdom (v 9)
  • How handle rejection (v 10-16)

C. Release

  • Set them up for success
  • Example, let them take an Alpha group beyond the course
  • Empower for release

 D. Encourage (v 17-20)

  • Notice them
  •  Talk about