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MCing A Meeting Part 2

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the […]

Welcoming Visitors

Following are a couple of pointers when it comes to welcoming and dealing with visitors so that they can have thoroughly pleasant experience at church. Advertise in the newspaper Welcome in the car park Welcome those with kids, disabilities or aged Welcome at the door Create a welcoming environment Signage to show people where to go Before the service and in their […]

A Deposit of Love

NCF Church staff meeting notes by Martin Burndt, compiled by S. Mahabeer.  In Matthew 26: 47- 49, we read of Judas betraying Jesus: “While he was still speaking, Judas, one of the Twelve, arrived. With him was a large crowd armed with swords and clubs, sent from the chief priests and the elders of the people. 48 Now the […]

Spiritual Stewardship

– Notes by Nigel Day-Lewis from the weekly NCF Church staff meeting, compiled by S. Mahabeer. Working for a church or a ministry is a privilege, and yet, sometimes, we slip into that mindset in which we take what we have for granted. Here are three exhortations regarding stewardship: Stewardship of Church Resources We can’t […]

Redeeming Ministry

-notes from our NCF staff meeting by Grant Crawford, compiled by S. Mahabeer. In the matter of enlisting or involving people, here are some thoughts that can help you in the process: Spread it out Don’t go for people who already are involved: rather, spread it out. It is far better to have a hundred […]


Following are some pointers that have assisted us doing a multisite church. We found it helpful to establish what we handle together, and what is handled by each site independently. “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its […]

Walking the Battlefields

By Tristan Kirn. Notes from NCF Church’s weekly staff meeting compiled by Sabine Mahabeer. “The empire on which the sun never sets”, namely the British Empire, faced one of its’ most humiliating defeats to this day on 22 January 1879. As we look at this valuable piece of history, let us see what we can […]

Building Team

At NCF Church we believe in inspiring and equipping leaders and future leaders. One of the ways we do that, is by holding an annual worship conference, aimed specifically at musicians, song writers and worship leaders. Here is a fantastic message by one our NCF Church’s worship leaders, Sean Clarence, on Building Team.

Finishing Strong

By Tristan Kirn. Notes from NCF Church staff meeting compiled by Sabby Mahabeer. In continuation of our series “Conviction” in the book of 2 Timothy, here are some encouraging thoughts on Finishing Strong. We live in the “Information Age”, where we can access things and information instantaneously, with as little as a phone and a […]

A Leader’s Role on Sunday

A leader’s role at a Sunday service Gone are the days where Sunday ministry is the domain of the pastor.   Useful passages on this subject are ⁃​1 Cor 11-14, Acts 2, James 2 and Mark 6.1. Pastoring people Notice the missing, the sad, the alone, the hurting, the grumpy. Showing an interest and concern is […]

Handling conflict on a leadership team. –

Introduction An ability to handle conflict is a critical skill for any leader. Marriages sink or swim on this ability. Churches split and friends tear apart when the ability is undeveloped.  The eldership team is a robust environment. Any strong team will feature people with different gift mixes, different personalities and the nature of ministry […]


By Grant Crawford Replicability is (1) Wise and (2) Biblical To be able to pass on the baton to ensure future fruitfulness is WISE “Even the most gifted pastor has a limit to his ability to shepherd people (for most good Pastors it will range between 50 & 200 people). To bring through leaders we […]

MC’ing a Meeting

By Grant Crawford. At NCF Church we have learned a great deal about MC’ing at our various meetings. Here are some of our thoughts on MC’ing a meeting. How you start a meeting Countdowns can help start big meetings. If you use a countdown for a small meeting, you probably need to use it to launch […]

Handling Finance in a Meeting

By Grant Crawford We have learnt a lot about handling finance in a meeting during our years here at NCF Church. Here are a couple of points we think are valuable when it comes to this subject. Two extreme errors pastors can slip into: When they are silent on financial matters or When the begin begging/cajoling […]

Ministering to the ‘Twenties’ Age Group

By Grant Crawford We have learnt a lot about ministering to the ‘twenties’ age group during our years here at NCF Church. Here are a couple of points we think are valuable when it comes to ministering to this age group. The leader of your twenties ministry should be someone who is preferably single, but […]

How Courses Fit Into Healthy Church Life

By Grant Crawford We have learnt a lot about running courses in our years here at One Life Church. Here are 3 points we think are valuable when it comes to running courses as part of a healthy church. 3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit […]

Multisite Models

Over the years, our church has explored different multisite models and structures. Take a look at the multisite model that your church might adopt.  


 My experience doing Communications By Glyn Eales, NCF Church   Good communication is so important in all aspects of life – including church life! And it is so VAST – from Communicating to the city in terms of events that are happening (through posters, banners, flyers), to the church (announcements, emails, SMSes, website, visitors cards), […]

How we do Production

To download this article, click the following link: Production Protocol Amendments Intro As a church grows and moves forward, it’s important that the systems that are being utilized within the church are constantly looked at, adjusted and improved. Very often the make-up of the church is changing and systems are often the things that get left […]

How we do: Involvement

One man army! Oooh yeah! When I was younger, I absolutely loved gaming. I remember playing many an action game where I was the hero- this ultimate Hulk-sized type of character with the intelligence of Einstein and the heart of Miss World. My very honorable pursuit of world peace would often entail having to do […]

School on Campus

INTRODUCTION: The following thoughts are for churches who are hosts to schools on a church campus. LEADERSHIP: Church: The church eldership team should take a position of “ownership” of the school by: 1. having a faith filled reason and vision for a school on campus 2. choosing the right man to lead the school It […]

Multisite Church

Being a church that has decided to go multisite means that we have a number of sites each with their own unique feel and flavour. Have a look at some of our different sites around the city and region of Pietermaritzburg.

Intentional Sunday Meetings

Ask yourself this question: Do you run your Sunday corporate meeting through the lens that unbelievers or visitors may be in the meeting? If you are then you should be effective in reaching them with the Gospel. If you invite an unbeliever or new person to Church and you start 15 minutes late, worship for […]

Tips for the MC

These are not a list of must do’s, but rather my thoughts (and advice from some of the other elders). Remember we’re all trying to partner with and hear God’s voice for our corporate meetings and during our corporate meetings. Take risks; be prepared to fail, but always willing to learn. Smile. Remember we want […]

Finance course 6

Introduction: This session is not to take the place of the due diligence and business plan, but merely looking at steps to take from a biblical point of view. Many books have been written on the subject, but here we would like to focus on informed decision making and how the church can help. Process: […]

Finance Course 5

Session 5   Financial Planning & Investment for future needs   1. God Provides our needs   At first glance, the need to provide for one’s future and that of one’s wife and family appears to conflict with the certainty that God will provide all our needs.   1.1          “But seek first His Kingdom & ______     […]

Finance Course 4

Session 4   Managing your debt     INTELLIGENT BORROWING OR STUPID DEBT   Mary Hunt in her book “debt-proof living: The complete guide to living financially free”, compares “intelligent borrowing to stupid debt”. The only thing worse than investing in things that depreciate is paying interest on money invested in things that depreciate…. Blain Harris. […]

Finance Course 3

Session 3   Borrowing Interest and Repayments     1. WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT BORROWING   The bible doesn’t prohibit borrowing but neither does it encourage borrowing.   Let’s consider the following biblical principles with regard to borrowing.   Debt is not normal   When we “Diligently obey  … the Lord will open the […]

Finance Course 2

Session 2   Personal Budgeting   1        Introduction   Most people don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan.We all want to get somewhere in life but without a plan we seldom get there.     What is a budget?   Planning the distribution of your finance.   God requires that we be diligent […]

Finance Course 1

PRACTICAL FINANCE COURSE Session 1         God Our Provider   (Assumptions: You have done the Course 1, and understand the exercising of your faith in the biblical principles of tithing and offerings)   Too often as Christians we hear people complain about a lack of finances, or use a lack of finances as an excuse as […]

Event Coordination –

How to co-ordinate a big event   What makes an event outstanding depends on the goal you set upfront for the event. Ie: implement or impact! A whole lot of decisions are impacted upon depending on that choice. – Standard of excellence – Levels of communication – Involvement of teams – Expenditure.   Our goal […]

Sunday Meeting Administration –

How to administrate Sundays Although Sunday is an important time in the life of any church, the actual meeting should serve the mission NOT the mission serve the meeting. The way we bear this in mind from day one will determine the way our Sunday expression develops. It has often been debated as to whether […]

Medical Contents Checklist –

Item Unit Quantity Expiry Replace Used for Medicines Betadine cream Tube 1 Sep 2009 Antiseptic for cuts etc Mepyrimal cream Tube 1 Feb 2010 Antihistimine for cuts, rashes etc Pacimol (Paracetamol) Box (100) 1 Jan 2011 Pain and fever relief EyeGene Eye Drops Box 1 Sep 2009 Eye irritation Spasmend Box 1 Dec 2009 Muscle […]

Vehicle Permission Letter

(Insert the date here)       To whom it may concern     RE:      FREE USE OF (INSERT THE MAKE OF VEHICLE AND THE NUMBER PLATE HERE)     I, (insert the full name of the vehicle’s owner here), owner of (insert the make of the vehicle and the number plate here), hereby authorize […]

Mission Check-List

MISSION CHECK LIST   Before departure:   1.    Vehicles Plan which vehicles and trailers are needed for the trip. Ensure the vehicles are up to the nature of the terrain, road condition, load and number of passengers. Ensure all vehicles are road-worthy and safe, with good tyres and seat-belts. Check the spare tyres, oil, tool […]

Letter of Intent –

(Instruction: Print this letter on your church’s letterhead)                     Physical Address of sending church line 1 Physical Address of sending church line 2 Physical Address of sending church line 3 Physical Address of sending church line 4         (Insert the date here)   […]

Starting a Gap Year Program –

Some helpful things to get you started: How healthy is your youth group? One of the reasons Destiny Team has been so successful is because the youth group is strong. This provides the main stream of people who will perhaps participate in your gap year. To have a good idea of how many people you […]

Church Decor

Is Decor important? Yes and No. We all know that it is what is inside the box that really counts. Church is about loving God, loving people, strong community etc. But the way the gift is presented also counts, ask any husband who has presented his wife with a gift on her birthday that is […]