Courses and Manuals

40 Lessons in 40 Years

With new elders coming on team all the time it is essential that we don’t make the same mistakes year after year. God has shown us things over the years. Some are seasonal, others are principles which endure through time. What follows is a summary of these lessons in this downloadable eBook. 40 lessons in […]

How Courses Fit Into Healthy Church Life

By Grant Crawford We have learnt a lot about running courses in our years here at One Life Church. Here are 3 points we think are valuable when it comes to running courses as part of a healthy church. 3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit […]

Relating Elders Additional Resources

This page contains the resources to the preaching training session lead by Grant Crawford at Relating Elders at CityHill Church, 19 July 2012. Scroll down to view each resource.   1.) The Gospel in every message: Text: Galatians 1:8 Additional Resource:Keller’s views on Gospel-centered preaching         2.) Preaching a series Additional resource: e-book […]

How we do: Involvement

One man army! Oooh yeah! When I was younger, I absolutely loved gaming. I remember playing many an action game where I was the hero- this ultimate Hulk-sized type of character with the intelligence of Einstein and the heart of Miss World. My very honorable pursuit of world peace would often entail having to do […]

“God Made Me” Series Resource

1. God made my eyes 2.God made my ears 3.Gad made my nose 4.God made my mouth 5.God made my hands 6.God made my feet Daily Program (if meetings start at 8am and 10am) 3’s and 4’s 7:30 Pray & set up 9:30 7:45 Sign in 9:45 8:00 Game and Worship 10:15 8:30 Bible Story […]

Awakening Love, Lessons from Song of Songs

Preface The Song of Songs is  filled with vivid imagery, with moving, poetic descriptions of a passionate romance and the heartaches and triumphs of love.   Love is arguably the strongest emotion humankind possesses. This ancient Middle Eastern chronicle of the love story between a king and an ordinary country girl could rank high among the […]

Tips for the MC

These are not a list of must do’s, but rather my thoughts (and advice from some of the other elders). Remember we’re all trying to partner with and hear God’s voice for our corporate meetings and during our corporate meetings. Take risks; be prepared to fail, but always willing to learn. Smile. Remember we want […]

Finance course 6

Introduction: This session is not to take the place of the due diligence and business plan, but merely looking at steps to take from a biblical point of view. Many books have been written on the subject, but here we would like to focus on informed decision making and how the church can help. Process: […]

Finance Course 5

Session 5   Financial Planning & Investment for future needs   1. God Provides our needs   At first glance, the need to provide for one’s future and that of one’s wife and family appears to conflict with the certainty that God will provide all our needs.   1.1          “But seek first His Kingdom & ______     […]

Finance Course 4

Session 4   Managing your debt     INTELLIGENT BORROWING OR STUPID DEBT   Mary Hunt in her book “debt-proof living: The complete guide to living financially free”, compares “intelligent borrowing to stupid debt”. The only thing worse than investing in things that depreciate is paying interest on money invested in things that depreciate…. Blain Harris. […]

Finance Course 3

Session 3   Borrowing Interest and Repayments     1. WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT BORROWING   The bible doesn’t prohibit borrowing but neither does it encourage borrowing.   Let’s consider the following biblical principles with regard to borrowing.   Debt is not normal   When we “Diligently obey  … the Lord will open the […]

Finance Course 2

Session 2   Personal Budgeting   1        Introduction   Most people don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan.We all want to get somewhere in life but without a plan we seldom get there.     What is a budget?   Planning the distribution of your finance.   God requires that we be diligent […]

Finance Course 1

PRACTICAL FINANCE COURSE Session 1         God Our Provider   (Assumptions: You have done the Course 1, and understand the exercising of your faith in the biblical principles of tithing and offerings)   Too often as Christians we hear people complain about a lack of finances, or use a lack of finances as an excuse as […]