Church Decor

Is Decor important?

Yes and No.
We all know that it is what is inside the box that really counts. Church is about loving God,
loving people, strong community etc. But the way the gift is presented also counts, ask any
husband who has presented his wife with a gift on her birthday that is not wrapped.
In my opinion, if your church exists just for Christians, then decor shouldnʼt matter at all.
Every Christian should be ready and eager to be at church regardless of whether the
tablecloths match, regardless of whether everything looks neat and tidy and presentable.
But, if our churches exist to reach unsaved people, then that is a whole different story.
Packaging and decor has its place because first impressions count!
To people who do notice colours, style and presentation, a mismatched, thrown together
look shouts out to them, ʻwe couldnʼt be botheredʼ.

Some other thoughts on Decor:

• God is creative Genesis 1:1
There are so many different colours, textures and styles in what God created. Did
you know that there are over 10 000 different types of grasses.
• God is a God of detail and Excellence
The Tabernacle, The new Heaven. God took time over detail.
So where do you fit on the decor scale? I think that is an important question to ask.
There are two extremes when it comes to decor. Some people donʼt notice decor at all. Their
mantra is ʻpeople are importantʼ. When they arrive at a restaurant they either get chatting to someone, make a new friend, or go straight to the menu to decide on their order.
The other end of the scale, details and decor are extremely important. Usually this kind of
person is a creative perfectionist who likes everything to look just right. When going to a
restaurant, they usually comment on everything along the way. They take a while to get to
the menu because they are more focussed on the colours and atmosphere.
If decor is not something that matters to you, and colours and matching are not something
you notice, my suggestion would be to find someone who is that way inclined and include
them in what you are doing and decisions that you make. Some practical ideas and things that we have learnt :

1. Rented Facility

Create focal points. (Entrance, Stage and Tea & Coffee Area) Donʼt highlight the ʻugly
Work with what you have got.
Limit the amount of colours you use (2 or 3).Otherwise it can be overwhelming.
Cut out as much clutter as possible (lead cords, use black tablecloths/draping to hide
things etc)
Toilets are very important! They are often something we donʼt think about.
Tea and Coffee Tables (floor length table cloths, signs, washing up basins, clear
plastic covers, runners/overlays, dirty teaspoons, white crockery, paper cups,
Donʼt limit yourself because the facility is rented. Ask if you can paint, clean or
improve things.
Decor can be both practical and pretty
Simply changing a lightbulb or two can make a huge difference (warm white option).

2. Decorating for Events

Some questions I usually ask myself
How can we ʻwowʼ people?
What can we do that will say to our church, ʻthis is a big dealʼ and ʻyour
unsaved friends are important to usʼ?
What kind of people are we trying to reach? Women? Men?
Think Big (as if there were no limits)
Involve as many creative people as you can manage
Involve practical people, but not initially. Find practical people that will thrive on the
challenge not just focus on the problems.
Prepare well in advance (creative ideas take time and effort).
Keep it simple. One very big, well done feature often makes more of an impact than
10 little efforts. Make sure that there is a link that runs through all decor (colours, themes and style)