My experience doing Communications

By Glyn Eales, NCF Church


Good communication is so important in all aspects of life – including church life! And it is so VAST – from Communicating to the city in terms of events that are happening (through posters, banners, flyers), to the church (announcements, emails, SMSes, website, visitors cards), to our small group leaders and even to the church staff & pastors… so that everyone knows what is happening.

As churches grow in size, Communication becomes more “formal”. It is helpful to have things written down and not just verbal. When we started having more pastors that were working in secular jobs than those that were paid by the church, I started a weekly “Communications” email to staff & pastors… to help people know what events are happening that week in the different ministries in the church as well as other helpful communication that people want staff to know (eg if someone’s telephone number has changed, or if there’s a memorial service happening, or which staff or pastors are on leave for that week). I keep it brief and in bullet form so that it is quick & easy to read.

Here are some things I’ve found helpful:

  • I keep an A5 booklet with me at all times, so if people ask me to do things or I think of things in terms of media or Communications I can jot it down immediately and as I do things, I “draw a line through them” in the book so that nothing is forgotten!
  • I ask people to send me an email with what they are wanting – so that it is written down and clear.
  • I look ahead on the year planner at things coming up so that I can plan the media for them and get things done in good time.
  • I keep a record of all printed media in one book – so that as we order something – it gets written in that book and what Ministry/Event it was for so that it gets allocated to the correct budget (eg Children’s ministry, 20’s, elderly, moms & tots, young adults). It is also helpful to write down exactly how many were ordered & what it cost. This is helpful in getting an idea of the cost of things for future plans.
  • Also keep one of each businesscard or brochure or leaflet in a file so that it’s easy to refer to for the future.
  • Often with printed media it gets cheaper per item as you do a larger quantity.
  • Proofread everything! Find someone who is good with details and a “fresh pair of eyes” to look at a leaflet before it goes to print to check for any mistakes or details that are missing!  We have sometimes left the venue or date or time off things!
  • Don’t “SPAM” people with lots of emails or SMSes.


Happy communicating! It is so worth the effort.