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What are some of the funniest superstitions you have heard/seen people have?
Mental health is one of the biggest topics in the psychological world. Much of the brain’s functioning is still a mystery to doctors. The Bible teaches that the mind is in need of renewal/cleansing and therefore it acts as a cleansing device. The way we think is the way we will live out our lives. Therefore Paul implores us in Phillipians to allow God to transform our minds in the way we think, and during anxious times to rely on Him.

Read: Phil 4 : 4 – 9


1) How does Paul suggest we handle times of anxiety and negative thoughts?
(Leaders notes: vs. 4 & 8)

2) What does it mean to think upon “whatever is true, honourable, just, etc.”?
(Leaders notes: do not complicate this answer; Paul’s basic idea is that we think on the promises, the Word of God, prophetic words, which disallow negative thoughts to creep in.)

3.) Is there anyone who needs God’s peace over their minds?
(Leaders notes: vs 7 – pray for whatever their anxiety is)