Communications and Multi-Media –

Why?   Reaching People

Communicating not only the “what God is saying” but it’s the “how” its communicated that’s the biggest challenge – very close to Grant and the elder’s hearts

  • Com elders heart
  • Know who you communicating to – is it church vs non church or both, whole church vs some church – women, men, youth, grannies etc, culturally sensitive in media
  • Cover all your bases – church & city, printed-visual/video- web, sun – midweek

Comms Team – who’s involved?

  • Dedicated team – creative direction/ graphics/ video/ web design
  • Dedicated to Sunday comm./whole church/outreach
  • Then site specific/ministry specific
  • Host – ladies communicating the heart of the home on Sundays

Comms type

  • Preaching platforms – creative videos (tony don’t forget the family), interviews (kids-grow up/ songs with emotive video/slide)
  • Advertising/announcements – (video-men’s –boxers, Sparta, braveheart, announcement cards
  • Regular comms (bulletins, web, newspaper, DD, pre-service & post-service (less important)
  • Outreach specific (brochure, ticket invites, DVD invites (DP), knock & drop, city hall advertising, extra newspapers)
  • Sunday vs midweek (DD, homegroup leaders sms, website)
  • Church envisioning vs city outreach (ball Sunday, SMS Sunday

Comms Process

  • Sunday planners & year calendar guide (flag month before to adv from 2-3 weeks before, big event 6-10 weeks before (sparkle)
  • Weekly meeting – with Crawfs, or just team – direction hub
  • New preaching series – incl. preachers to look at topics and media ideas
  • Regulars – Sunday preaching platform, announcements (3max)  advert, family announcements – build community/family
  • Big event – brainstorm and put together media plan, (amashova/sparkle etc)
  • Set weekly work list for the week with team – admin media plan
  • Video-ing, research, design, wording
  • Great printers – Moves Mountains for us! Build relationship there
  • Constant review and rework
  • Final review before release
  • Announcement and MC Cards, site captains email, involvement desk card
  • (from comms meetings, planners, to staff, to church, to young adults, 20s etc)

Key thoughts

  • Keeping the vision in front of the people through whatever means – website, deacons digest, in all our homegroups (announcement), newspaper adds – free colour on weekends!, brochures, invites, posters
  • Everything we do is the same – design, wording, communications – building an image type that is recognizable, but tailored to different audiences eg
  • Preaching series – desktop backgrounds, powerpoint templates, posters, bulletins, web, invite cards)
  • Important to have one person review all media – one comms person (no shot gun comms!)

Event evangelism:

  • Using any excuse to invite people to church
  • Create space in church – event, or item or something that’s an excuse to invite people or is a draw card
  • Easter/Christmas – outreach family services – CSI, search for the perfect gift, or drama
  • Heavens gates, alpha, sparkle

Media plan

  • To church
  • To city – unsaved
  • To other churches
  • Sparkle