Finance Course 1


Session 1         God Our Provider


(Assumptions: You have done the Course 1, and understand the exercising of your faith in the biblical principles of tithing and offerings)


Too often as Christians we hear people complain about a lack of finances, or use a lack of finances as an excuse as to why they can’t go on a mission, help a worthy cause or have their needs met.


In order to restore Godly patterns to enable the principles to work we should look to God’s word to reinforce our faith.

My people are destroyed For lack of ……………….  (Hosea 4: 6)


These principles are clearly set out the Scripture – there are many passages of scripture on provision and here are a few:


  1.  “And from your ________, O God, you ________for the ______.” (Psalm 68:10)
  2. “He provides _________for those who _______ Him..” (Psalm 111: 5)
  3.  “But to put their _________in God, who ________ provides us with _______” (1Timothy6:17)
  4. “He will never _________you nor _______you.” (Deuteronomy  31:6)
  5.  “Then your barns will be _____to _____, and your vats will _______with new wine” (Prov3:10)


Each of the above talk to a Father who provides for us, but we need to play our part. This course should help us in that area – what do we need to do!


We are NOT stifled and contained by our monthly cheque and serve a God who created the Universe who is not be contained by man made systems.

Conclusion:      Based on the Word and testimonies of others, we need to exercise our own faith and win victory after victory!