How we do: Involvement

One man army! Oooh yeah!

When I was younger, I absolutely loved gaming. I remember playing many an action game where I was the hero- this ultimate Hulk-sized type of character with the intelligence of Einstein and the heart of Miss World. My very honorable pursuit of world peace would often entail having to do the very opposite by achieving world domination. Needless to say, I felt very cool when the final battle would rage and I would merge victorious, often feeling very self-accomplished when looking back over everything I had done. However, as fantastic as this may sound, sadly, it’s not a reality – nor is it Biblical.

Taking a look at the life of Jesus we very often see that Jesus worked in team. As NCFChurch and as Fusion, we believe in team. In saying that, we thought it would be great to write a quick article concerning how we do our involvement in Fusion, the youth ministry of NCFChurch. We encourage you to take what’s helpful, adopt it to your youth group and throw the rest away.

We want our teams to love what they are doing as they passionately serve God and each other. Therefore, when managing teams it’s critical to watch that people aren’t being overworked. Overlooking this can often cause people to tire and become worn out which creates additional problems. The method we encourage and are working on is this:

THE CONCEPT – “Two weeks at a time. Once a term.”
It’s our goal to have 5 teams per department. Each team being rostered on for two weeks at a time. This means that each team will only serve once for two weeks. We feel this encourages people to want to serve as the commitment is very manageable.

THE OUTWORKING – How we go about making this happen.
1 – Appoint a Leader – Each separate department (Visitors, Production etc.) is encouraged to have a Captain. This Captain is often a deacon or is well known by other members on the Leadership Team. It’s this team Captain’s primary responsibility to be a visionary. It’s their secondary responsibility to administrate the people involved in their department or appoint an administrator. The administration role will include drawing up rosters, gathering people etc. This captain then oversees each team and is involved in a 15min induction before the team kicks off for the first time.

2 – Get guys involved – Whether it’s from the Visitors Lounge, or Connect Groups, or a video or the involvement table. Our leaders are constantly trying to get guys involved and we encourage them to put out the invitation at every turn.

What if:
There are too many people? – The great thing about youth ministry is very often people are always keen to get involved. This can create a surplus of people that are often underutilized. Here’s our take on the situation – if there is a surplus of people, create a new team within that department.

There are too little people – If you happen to have more teams than people, then we encourage you to start with your captains and work from there. Encourage your captains to recruit people, maybe even re-look at the teams. It’s better to have two teams, in the long run, running at 100% per week less often than one at 50% all the time. From there continue to try to get guys involved as you go along.
In a nutshell
We’re not called to be a one-man army. Serving in a church or youth builds community. It enables us to feel a part of something as we grow and as we serve each other. Most importantly, its the way we see Jesus leading in his ministry as he builds a team around him.

1 Peter 4:10 – As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another