Handling Finance in a Meeting

By Grant Crawford

We have learnt a lot about handling finance in a meeting during our years here at NCF Church. Here are a couple of points we think are valuable when it comes to this subject.

Two extreme errors pastors can slip into:

  1. When they are silent on financial matters or
  2. When the begin begging/cajoling people for money

Being trustworthy is your primary goal in handling finances in a public forum 

Cringe factors

  • Preach before the offering
  • A pastor begging
  • A pastor using scripture to manipulate

When not to talk about finance

  • When you have no faith for it
  • When your finances are mismanaged
  • When you are desperate

How to raise funds 

Lessons from Hybels

  • Preach twice a year into finance
  • Never ask for bills to be paid
  • Be transparent
  • Disciple those  “afflicted with wealth”

Lessons regarding building funds

  • Be creative
  • Don’t build so often as to not give your people a break
  • Don’t move in too soon (feels uncomfortable as this creates a false finish line)
  • Ensure that if a project is incomplete, the need remains in full view of the church. The problem with using bridging finance is that people live prematurely in an inheritance that they have not paid for and rarely think about paying for.
  • Keep communicating lessons of good stewardship and the fact that God with us
  • Get outside voices to help
  • Launch with a day

Lessons regarding alms giving

  • If they are out of site, they will be out of mind
  • Project driven
  • Look after donors

How to speak about taking tithes and offerings

  • Gladly, as worship , not apologetically.

     We hope that this resource blesses you and the way you handle finances in your church. Feel free to print, edit and distribute this document.