Kids: “I Love God” Series Resource

1.We love God when we love others
2.We love God when we are kind to others
3.We love God when we are generous
4.We love God when we are obedient
5.We show God our love by singing to Him
6.We show God our love by being joyful
7.We show God our love by being thankful
8.When we love God we want to tell others
about Him
9.We love God by telling Him that we do
Noah’s Park Timetable(if meeting starts at 8am)
3’s and 4’s
7:30am Set Up
7:45am Sign in Time
8:00am Free Play
8:30am Bible Story and Activity
9:00am Juice, Biscuits and Playtime
NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We love God when we love others

Objective: The objective of this lesson is to teach the children that when they love
others, it brings God pleasure. Loving others is a way of showing God that we love
Bible Story: The good Samaritan(Luke 10:25)
Memory Verse: ʻLove the Lord your God with all your heart…..ʼMatt 22:37
Story: Intro the lesson by asking the children what they really love.
# What are some of the things that they love? Who do they love?
Todayʼs story is about a man who loved lots. He didnʼt just love his mom
or dad or those people that were kind to him. He loved everyone.
Tell the story of the good Samaritan.
We should ask God to help us to love others. Sometimes people are strange
looking, or smell funny. Sometimes people are unkind to us. But God loves
everyone! He made everyone! Letʼs ask God to help us to love everyone too!
Prayer: Pray with the Children, asking God to help us show his love to everyone we
come into contact with.


You will need:

  • A piece of white card for each child with a picture of
  • a road and house on it.
  • Jelly Babies(5 per child)
  • Icing Sugar
  • Plastic Teaspoons and Polystyrene Bowls(3/4)

The children stick the jelly babies onto the card using icing to depict the story of the
good samaritan. They can then colour in the house and complete the picture using
crayons/kokis. The polystyrene bowls and plastic teaspoons are used for mixing the

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We love God when we are kind to others

Objective: The objective of this lesson is to teach the children that when we are
kind to others, we demonstrate our love for God.
Bible Story: Abigailʼs act of kindness(1 Samuel 25)
Memory Verse: ʻLove the Lord your God with all your heart…..ʼ Matt 22:37
Tips: This story probably needs some pictures and illustrations to make it real for the
children. Abigail saved her own life as well as the lives of her household through her
act of kindness towards David.
Story: Start off by asking the children if they know what it means to be kind.
Do they know someone who is very kind? Maybe they have a story of
when someone has been kind to them.
Todayʼs story is about a man who was unkind, and a lady who was very kind.
We get to decide whether to be kind or unkind. We get to choose.
ʻWhat would you like to be?ʼ Being kind is not always easy.
Tell the story of Abigail. She was very brave and kind.
Prayer: Pray with the children, asking God to help us be kind to others.


  • Each child gets a piece of paper that looks like a photo frame.
  • They colour and decorate the frame, and then draw a picture of who they know is a kind person, and does kind things.

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We love God when we are generous

Objective: God is a generous God. When we are generous we imitaite God and
bring glory to Him. Giving to others brings God pleasure.

Bible Story: Zacchaeus(Luke 19:1-10)
Memory Verse: ʻLove the Lord your God with all your heart….ʼ Matt 22:37
Tips: Intro this story with the song, ʻZacchaeus was a very little man…ʼ
Story: Tell the story about Zacchaeus, emphasising the fact that before Zacchaeus
met Jesus money and stuff was very important to him. Once he met Jesus, he
realized that money and what we have is not very important, and he gave a whole lot
of it away. We can all be generous. We can share our toys. We can give some of our
toys, books etc to other children who might not have.
We can help around the house.
Prayer: Thank you God, for being so generous. You gave us Jesus. Help us to be generous. To share our toys and what we have with others.

You will need:

  • A small piece of square card for every child
  • Assorted pieces of wrapping paper, stickers etc.
  • The children draw a picture for someone on the card, and then wrap it and decorate
  • it to make a gift to give to that person.

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We love God when we are obedient

Objective: The objective of this lesson is to teach the children that when we are
obedient we show God that we love Him. Our obedience is a demonstration of love
for God.

Bible Story: ʻIf you love me you will obey my commandsʼ
Memory Verse: ʻLove the Lord your God with all your heart….ʼ Matt 22:37
Tips: Puppets might be quite helpful in doing this lesson. Although, some children
may find the crocodile in the story rather scary! Best not to make a big deal of the
crocodile if you decide to do a puppet show.
Story: ʻObedienceʼ is a word that most children will be unfamiliar with. It might be an
idea to start off the lesson by asking them if anyone knows what it means to be
ʻobedientʼ. Todayʼs story is about a little monkey who wasnʼt very ʻobedientʼ. He did
not do what his mommy told him to do, and something terrible happened. ʻDo you
listen to your dadʼs and momʼs?ʼ ʻWhat about God, do you think we should do what
God tells us to do?ʼ ʻDoes anyone know something that God has told us to do?ʼ ʻGod
loves it when we are obedient. He loves it when we listen to our dads and moms,
and when we do what He has told us to do.ʼ
Tell the story: ʻMervin the Monkey was a very naughty little Monkey. Everyday when
he got home from school, his mommy gave him something to eat and drink, and then
told him that he could go outside and play, but that he was not allowed to go down to
the river. Everyday, Mervin went outside and played happily in the garden. One day,
however Mervin decided that he was tired of playing in the garden, and that he
wanted to go and see the river. He knew that his mommy would not want him to go
to the river, but he was sure that it would be ok just this once. So off he went. The
river was lovely. He liked the big trees that stood next to the river. Their branches
dangled over the edge of the water. Mervin had such fun swinging in the branches
and jumping from one tree to the next. Suddenly he heard a big snap. When he
looked down to see where the noise was coming from he realized that there was a
big crocodile swimming just below him in the river. The crocodile was very excited to
see Mervin, because he was very hungry, and thought Mervin would make a
delicious lunch. Mervin got such a fright that he fell out of the tree, into the water.
Luckily the water was shallow enough that Mervin could stand. He did not know how
to swim. He quickly ran out of the water and all the way home. He was dripping wet
and very frightened when he arrived home. He was very sorry that he had not
listened to his mommy, and he decided there and then to be obedient next time.
Prayer: Pray with the children. ʻ God help us to be obedient. To do what You tell us
to do, and also to listen to our dads and moms and to do what they tell us to do
without complaining.ʼ


  • Every child gets a A5 piece of cardboard and some playdough.
  • They each make a little monkey by rolling and squishing the playdough.
  • They can put it onto the cardboard and take it home with them.
  • You will also need dry chick peas and little pieces of dry spaghetti for the eyes and
  • mouth etc.

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We show God our love by singing to Him

Objective: The objective of this series is to teach the children that we can let God
know that we love Him by singing to Him. He loves it when we sing songs to Him.
Bible Story: Psalm 95:1 ʻOh come, let us sing to the Lord. Let us make a joyful

Memory Verse: ʻLove the Lord your God with all your heart…ʼ Matt 22:37
Tips: You can have quite a lot of fun with this lesson. Children love to sing and
dance, and they arenʼt nearly as reserved as most adults are.
Story: There was once a little bird called Igor. He grew up in a big Oak tree, which
stood in a grassy green meadow on a sheep farm. He loved to sit in the oak tree and
watch the fluffy white sheep grazing in the luscious green fields. It made his heart so
happy that he would start to sing. The only problem was that when Igor started to
sing, all the sheep in the field below would start to laugh. ʻBaaaa,ʼ said Barbara, ʻyou
are hurting my ears!ʼ Another sheep named Ben said, ʻPlease do stop making that
dreadful noise, you are ruining a very pleasant afternoonʼ. Igor was very
embarrassed and so he stopped singing. In fact he decided there and then, never to
sing again.
Some time later, Igor was sitting in the oak tree, looking out at the beautiful meadow,
when he suddenly heard this terrible moaning. It was Barbara, she was caught in a
thicket and could not get out. ʻBaaaaʼ, she said, ʻplease help me. You need to go and
get Farmer Fredʼ. Igor flew off to the farmhouse trying to work out how he was going
to get Farmer Fredʼs attention. He sat outside the window and the only thing he
could think to do was to sing. He started to sing at the top of his voice. Farmer Fred
got such a fright that he came to the window to see who or what was singing such an
unusual song.
Igor flew away from the window, but Farmer Brown was close on his trail. He had
never heard a bird sing quite like that and he wanted to get a closer look at Igor.
Clever Igor led Farmer Fred all the way to where Barbara was caught in the thicket.
Farmer Fred rescued Barbara, and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the
shade of the oak tree, enjoying the sound of Igor singing. Barbara was so happy to
have been rescued, she told Igor that she was very sorry for having been so mean to
him about his singing. In fact, all of the sheep never complained about Igorʼs singing
ever again.
God loves it when we sing to Him. He gave us voices, and he loves it when we use
them to sing songs about Him and to Him.
Prayer: Thank you God, for giving us mouths and voices so that we can sing. We
love you.

Activity: Each child gets a piece of cardboard cut out in the shape of a birdʼs body
(side view). Each child also gets an A5 piece of paper that has been folded into a fan
like shape. The children decorate the birdʼs body and then slide the fan-like piece of
paper through a pre-cut slit in the birdʼs body to make wings.

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We show God our love when we are Joyful

Objective: We can be happy even when things are not going well because we can
trust God.
Bible Story: Paul and Silas – Acts 16:16 – 34
Bottom Line: Even when things are not going our way and we are having a bad day,
we can still sing and have joy in our hearts because of Godʼs Love.
Story: You can chat a little bit about prison eg food, chains, small room etc.
Paul and Silas prayed and healed a young girl. The people who were her bosses
were very angry because now she loved Jesus and so they had Paul and Silas
arrested and thrown into prison.
Paul and Silas sang joyfully through their hard time even though they were beaten
and chained up. They sang to the Lord and felt joy even though things were hard for
them. Suddenly God shook the jail, and the doors were flung open. Paul and Silas
could have run away, but they chose to stay. The man in charge was so impressed
by their love for Jesus as well as the joy they had that he also asked the Lord into his
Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for being with us in good times and hard times. Help
us to remember that we can be joyful no matter what happens because you love and
care for us.

Activity: Round cardboard circle. Punch a hole and slide into some plastic string.
Children thread on coloured froot loops on either side to make a necklace and then
draw a smiley face on the round piece of cardboard.

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson
We show God our love when we are Thankful
Objective: We should develop a lifestyle of always thanking the Lord for his daily
blessings from an early age.
Bible Story: The ten lepers – Luke 17:11 – 19
Memory Verse: Psalm 107 v 1 “Give thanks for He is good, and His love endures
Bottom Line: We need to be thankful. There are many things daily that we take for
Story: One day as Jesus passed through a certain town, ten lepers waited to meet
him. Leprosy is a terrible diseases where you are covered in awful sores. It was so
bad that these people were not allowed near anyone. They had to hide away and
cover themselves all over with clothing.
These lepers called out to Jesus to please heal them. Jesus told them to go and
show themselves to the priest. They were so happy because it meant Jesus was
going to heal them. As they went to the priest they could feel a strange warm feeling
all over their bodies. One man pulled his sleeve up and saw his skin was clear and
healthy. The man shouted “Praise God, I have been healed” He ran straight back to
Jesus and fell at his feet. ʻThank you, thank you.ʼ he said. Jesus asked him where
the other nine lepers were and then told him to go in peace. He was healed! This
leper did not forget to say “Thank you”
You can try singing this simple song with the children:
I can be Thankful (to the tune of ʻIʼm a little Teapotʼ)
I can be thankful, yes I can
For my family, for my friends
God has given so much with His Son
Thank you God for all you ʻve done

Activity: Pre-cut folded cardboard hearts. Children can each put a plaster on the
outside and decorate their heart with glitter etc. Each child must then say one thing
that they are thankful for which can then be written on the inside of the folded heart.

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

When we love God we want to tell others about him

Objective: To tell others about Jesus
Bible Story: Follow Jesus and become fishers of men. Luke 5 v 1 – 11
Tip: How many of you have ever gone fishing? What do you put on the end of the
hook? Was it something squishy like a worm? (Take some fishing tackle in a box if
Story: In the time of Jesus fishermen used huge nets. They did not fish for fun it
was their job. The fishermen fished everyday. Sometimes they caught nothing.
Other times their nets were broken and they had to mend them
One night the fishermen went out in boats and had not caught any fish at all. They
were feeling said. No matter where they went with the boat, the nets came up
empty. The next morning Jesus told Simon Peter to go and fish in a
Particular spot. They listened to Jesus, and soon their nets were so full of fish, they
nearly broke. They realized Jesus was very special because He had known where
to find the fish.
Jesus then told them to follow him and he would make them “fishers of men”. The
men left their boats and everything and went with Jesus.
Bottom Line: What does it mean to a Fisher of men? It just means to tell people
about Jesus so that they will want to follow him too.
Song: “I will make you fishers of men” We can be fishers of men by maybe asking
a friend at school to come to church and by being kind and caring of each other.

Activity: Cardboard fish outline. Gold and silver stars for scales. Place strip on
back to make fridge magnet to remind them to tell their friends and families about

NCF – Noah’s Park Lesson

We love God by telling Him that we do

Objective: The objective of this lesson is to teach children how important it is to
show our love for God by our actions and by spending time with Him.

Bible Story: Mary shows her love for Jesus(John 12:1-8).
Memory Verse: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” Matt 22 vs 37
Tip: Take a bottle of perfume and spray a little without any of the children seeing.
Wait to see if they comment. This will open discussion for the story.
Story: Jesus was on His way back to Jerusalem. He stayed with his friends
Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Martha was always busy cleaning and cooking,but Mary
loved to just sit at Jesusʼ feet.
That night as Martha served the meal, Mary did something very special to show
Jesus how much she loved Him. She poured some very, very expensive perfume on
Him. Mary knew that Jesus would soon be leaving. This was Maryʼs way of showing
Jesus that He was her King.
She first put some perfume on His head and then she knelt and rubbed the perfume
into Jesusʼ feet. She wiped them dry with her hair. No one moved. Soon the whole
room smelt of the special perfume. Some of the people thought Mary should rather
have sold the perfume and given the money to the poor.
Jesus told the people to leave Mary alone because what she had done for Him was
so special and that the story of what she had done would never be forgotten.
Prayer: Today Lord Jesus, we want to tell you how much we love you. Thank you
for loving us so much.

Activity:Pre-cut cardboard perfume outlines with memory verse on the back.
Children can stick glittery stickers onto their perfume bottles to make them look
beautiful. Spray on some perfume once complete. (Might be a good idea to spray
perfume outside because of the strong smell.)

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