Khumbul’ekhaya (English) –


Quick Review
After the message on Sunday, what are you most excited about for this new series?

My Story

Was there a time or moment in your life where you experienced extreme happiness/joy/contentment? Describe what happened and the emotions you were feeling?

How would you define joy? What is the difference between joy and happiness?

What is your response to the following statement:
Joy is a deep satisfaction and contentment with both the present and the future

Digging Deeper 

How do you think God defines joy? Do you think God wants you to be happy?

Read Psalm 16:11
Is it possible to live a life fullof joy? According to this verse, how is this possible?

What is there a difference between “earthly pleasures” and “eternal pleasures”? How is this linked to joy?

Read Nehemiah 8:10
What does this verse have to say about enjoying life?

How is the joy that God gives our strength? What does it mean?

Read Matthew 13:44
What do we learn about joy from this verse?

Often we read this verse and see ourselves as the man who sold everything and found the treasure (Christ), but this verse is actually about Jesus selling everything He had (setting aside the majesty of heaven and dying for the sins of the world) and buying the treasure (you and me). What does this mean to you?

What does it mean that Jesus considered it “joy” to sell everything for you and for me? How does this redefine our understanding of “joy