Tips for the MC

These are not a list of must do’s, but rather my thoughts (and advice from some of the other elders). Remember we’re all trying to partner with and hear God’s voice for our corporate meetings and during our corporate meetings. Take risks; be prepared to fail, but always willing to learn. Smile. Remember we want to create an irresistible environment where kids want to come back – they have loads of fun, they make friends, they feel safe, they connect with leaders and they encounter God and Biblical truths which shape their lives.


  1. Prepare well, but hold it lightly during the meeting
    1.     MC should know the memory verse for the month
    2. MC should be familiar with the Bible Story for the day (having read it a few times before the Sunday, asked God for revelation..)
    3.     MC should be able to and should recite the bottom line at least 3 or more times during the meeting
    4. Come with some relevant research of your own around the topic and keep it in your toolbox (you may need it, you may not – at least you’re prepared if need be, example some stories that illustrate the bottom line)


  1. Ask God for purposeful instruction days before the meeting (what is He wanting to do and say through us). Pray for the meeting, worship, story, group time. Pray for the children.


  1. Be in Charge, Be confident, Be on the front foot, Be Purposeful
    1.   Lead the children into worship. Ensure kids are engaged in worship. Point them to Jesus by getting in front and reminding them, or sharing a quick story which helps them re-focus their attention back on Jesus and to enter into worship.
    2. Lead the band (they’re looking to you for instruction)
    3.   Stand up near the front so the band leader can see you (not at the back)
    4. Speak well into the microphone
    5. Take the lead at the pre-service prayer meeting
    6.    If kids are distracted you may need to get up and refocus their attention on Jesus (kids are always energetic, but if there is a general disconnectedness with God then bring focus, point them to Jesus)
    7. Ask yourself: if you had a word would you be unsure who’s the MC and who to bring it to? Remove the doubt from people right upfront as it makes people feel at ease when someone is leading strongly.
    8. Be short and concise, not rambling on for ages, get to the point
    9. Just talk with the kids (don’t feel you need to have a teacher pose, and manner of speach…just hang with them, but be firm and strong in your leading)
    10.   If words are brought always ask what the appropriate response is (should we be still and listen, or pray, or give a victory declaration shout, invite children to respond by kneeling or sitting quietly with eyes closed and wait on God etc etc)


  1. Rememberthe basics
    1.   Smile
    2. Tithes and offerings
    3.   Welcome visitors (make them feel special)
    4. Fun ice breaker or game (create the irresistible environment)
    5. Celebrate birthdays
    6.    Re-cap / Remind previous topics covered (memory verse, bottom line)
    7. If God has not re-directed the entire meeting by breaking in and children having encounters with God then keep to the time within reason.
    8. Always bring application to the story if the storyteller hasn’t (answer the “So what?” question the kids might ask)


Note: Don’t feel you have to “get through the programme” for the sake of getting through the programme (worship then story then activity etc). If the Holy Spirit wants to do something then take courage and partner with Him. Don’t get hung-up on always having to follow the programme at all costs. If in doubt communicate your thoughts with myself during the meeting (bounce stuff off another strong leader first if you unsure).


  1. Connect with the audience – just talk, don’t try and be a teacher when communicating with them. Make them feel they can relate to you as a friend, not a mom or dad, or a scary teacher from first grade! Be real to them. “Hey great to see you at the movies on Saturday Jenny – wasn’t that a great movie…” or “Hey guys, I did some bad stuff this week, but God was so good in making me see…” versus  “children we shouldn’t be unholy…”. Smile. Wear cool clothes that don’t make you look like a hillbilly. Look funky. Spike your hair if you feel you need to. Wear an earring, dress different! Be wild, not weird.


  1. Don’t try and be too holy and spiritual – Jesus is on the throne. Smile.


  1. Be situationally aware – during the meeting you should be thinking 10 minutes ahead of everyone else. Are the kids still very distracted after that great game they just played and need to get some focus before worshipping? Bring the adjustment needed to get kids to enter into worship and not waste 15 minutes and spoil it for others. What’s coming up next and how best can I facilitate that?


  1. Facilitate words that are brought by leaders or children. Smile. You don’t have to release every word all the time (it is not possible time wise). Smile. If you prepare well (and with experience) you should know what line to take. Even if words are spot-on you can just confirm them from the front that a few words have come saying this and I believe God wants to do this etc etc.


  1. Communicate(I would recommend talking the day before the Sunday meeting in case anything needs to be done, arranged, or someone arrives a little late and it throws you etc)
    1.   Speak to the story teller before the meeting begins (what are they doing, how do they want the MC to follow-up etc)
    2. Speak to the sound guy or computer person – do they have everything need for the morning (pictures, sounds etc)
    3.    Has the band given the song list to the projectionist to display the song words?
    4. Speak to the person on the spotlight – give instructions
    5. Speak to the worship leader before hand. Smile. Let them know what you’re feeling or think should happen during the meeting (they may not always be able to play a specific song, but its good they’re kept in the loop).
    6.  Speak to myself or other leaders during the meeting – ask them what they feel God is saying. We are a TEAM and we do TEAM so we should be there for each other and willing at all times to be prepared.
    7. Bring conclusion / summary / landing to the Story (don’t just say “Ok that was a great story go to your groups now”). Maybe the Storyteller touched on something that you feel needs to be explained or expanded. Or maybe something wasn’t perfectly clear and it is your job to take that baton and complete the race and run the message home, bring applicability. Ask yourself this question “How should we respond to this message we just heard?” and then facilitate that response from the children.


  1. 10.         Smile


  1. Try and make the meeting as seamless as possible. The gear changes between events (welcome/worship; worship/story; story/application etc) should be as smooth as possible (for example the band/actions team should be ready and run on directly the MC says “Lets worship!” – there shouldn’t be 2 minutes of trying to find the mike, song sheets, projection/sound not working etc – these should be ready to go at all times.


  1. Make sure you know when it is appropriate to talk and when it is best to leave something as is (needless addition of talk talk talk makes the meetings very boring and dull for the kids – they zone out)


  1. Know before your Sunday meeting who is doing what during your meeting. Never wait for 15 minutes before the meeting to find out who is doing the story, who is leading worship, where’s the props, can you do this or do that – last minute chaos is very poor leadership. People will follow organized, intentional leadership. Make it your role to ensure everyone is in their key positions for Sunday. Smile.


God bless and looking forward to great times together in our Sunday meetings.