Leading Kids in Worship

Worship Leading

  • Leading the kids in worship is not to be a performance
  • It becomes a performance if they are just watching you and not getting involved and connected with God
  • What you are doing is modelling worship for them to participate
  • Kids want to join in and have fun
  • Remember they are kids and they find it easy to have child like faith
  • Kids want the authentic the real and  the genuine
  • They can sniff out a fake, put on a mile away
  • If you aren’t passionate and wildly in love with Jesus don’t expect the kids to be
  • Have fun and be wild before God and let the kids see you on fire for Jesus
  • A helpful tool for leading a captivating worship time with the kids would simply be the use of a kids ministry worship DVD like:
        • NCF Make YOU Famous
  • You need to watch it before hand and then get up in front of the kids and model the actions that are the same on the DVD and have a blast worshiping and dancing together
  • This is definitely not the stereotyped guy behind a guitar leading
  • The worship leader should always be watching/aware of the MC who is leading the meeting, and be ready to follow his/her instruction. Work with the MC if you feel something in God regarding the meeting. We need to submit to their authority to run the meeting.
  • If the MC is ministering to the kids between songs it is very helpful to have a person on keyboard playing quietly during the time of ministry (so it’s not stop/start and a hard break/transition)


The Big Ask

  • Leading worship in this forum means you need to be anointed to do so
  • Just as important as leading the adults in worship
  • You need to be able to sing
  • You have to know the words off by heart of the song, no use having song sheets in front of you to read off, needs to be in your head and heart already
  • Have the dance moves down pat, which means a lot of practice in front of the mirror, remember in front of the kids things get pressured and the blood rushes to your head and then next thing you have forgotten what move comes next and you look as though you are fumbling around. Get the moves locked into muscle memory so it come naturally and doesn’t take much cerebral energy
  • Worship God sincerely from the heart and passionately. If you only give 50% of you passion, then the kids will probably only reach 35% of that. But if you give 100% with your heart, mind, strength and soul the kids will also
  • Enjoy worshiping the Lord in front of the kids. A smile is very important compared to a frown. A frown communicates negative notions in the child’s mind
  • Interact with the kids, go crazy and love it sincerely
  • You also can’t drive the worship and flog the kids, by saying ‘come kids you can do better than that.’ That’s control and just death. You need to inspire them and excite them to worship God. Lead them into worship
  • Inspiring them to worship is easy when your heart and passion for God is evident for them to see



Dance moves

  • Simple actions that they can follow are key
  • Actions that relate with the words to the song you are singing
  • Actions should be dynamic – don’t always use the same action for every song just because it’s the same word, be creative but simple
  • Don’t be abstract in your movements
  • Believe what you are singing, saying or moving to or the kids are not going to follow
  • No sissy boy movements the guys will pull out other wise
  • Needs to be strong, powerful and masculine



Worship is for the audience of one

  • Everything we do should be to give him Glory
  • God should get the Glory and all the attention
  • When other things start getting the attention other than God then they become a distraction
  • Leading worship in front of adults is equally as important as leading worship in front of kids
  • Who are they performing for? We are performing for the audience of one



Helpful Hints and Tips for Dress

  • Wear clothes that you would be able to move comfortably in
  • Probably going to break out into a sweat
  • Change of shirt and & towel may be needed
  • Can of deodorant to help the poor person that you are sitting next to during the story or if you’re doing a double service!!
  • Ladies dress appropriately (sports bra if needed, no tummies showing when raised hands, no underwear showing when jumping or crouching down). Check at home before coming to church
  • This doesn’t mean you must wear sackcloth stuff
  • Make sure T-shirts are portraying a positive message, not cool to wear a sad faced EMO kid t-shirt
  • Just be modest and considerate of your brother or sister but be free
  • Brightly coloured actions T-shirts, hat worn backwards, colorful arm bands etc is also cool – don’t overdo it but dress up and be cool
  • Be considerate of your fellow brother and be free


Warm ups

  • Helpful in getting the kids into gear before trying to take off while everyone is still in neutral


Stretch Exercises

  • These also help for the kids to get the blood flowing specially in the early service when they are still waking up
  • Stretching also helps them break inhibitions and frees them up a bit to move
  • Stretch to the ceiling and touch your toes
  • Make a game out of it
  • Walking around the room and then signal stop and they have to pause as a statue
  • Then increase the pace by doing the same thing but now they have to jog around the room
  • Push ups and making a competition of who can do the most is also really fun.


New Song Dance Moves

  • Doing a new song with the kids a particular Sunday
  • Teach and coach them through the moves as part of the warm up
  • This is really helpful in setting the worship time up for success
  • One tip – don’t do more than one new song on a given day
  • Build on the songs that they know and then increase song vocabulary from there
  • Don’t worry about a new song taking more than two weeks for kids to learn, it takes time but once they’re in you’re good to go


Wow Moments

  • It is amazing when one respects and sees the children as equals not top down
  • Release them to minister, contribute and play their part as priests.  Create moments for children to minister to each other, share pictures, words, scripture, testimonies – as leaders we need to model this and then make space for them to flow in the Spiritual gifts
  • Kids are more than capable!
  • We need to all be praying and expecting the LIFE of GOD to come in our children’s meetings. Kids need to have an encounter with GOD not just fed with facts and knowledge. GOD’s ways are not always as we expect and plan so we need to be flexible, but hungry to see GOD’s presence break into our meetings.