Moms on the Move –

Momʼs on the Move
Momʼs with little ones are in a unique season of their lives. They often feel lonely, vulnerable
and overwhelmed by the task of motherhood. At the same time, they have extra time on their
hands and miss socialising with adults.
When it comes to momʼs groups, there are some definite dangers involved.
It can easily become:
• a gossip session
• a market place
• a ʻwhose got the worst husband?ʼ competition
• a lecture hall
Why do we have momʼs groups??
After a few rather exhausting momʼs group meetings I started to ask myself, ʻwhy do we
have momʼs groups? What are we really wanting to achieve?ʼ. A number of the momʼs
involved were saved and a whole lot of them were also going to a homegroup on a week
night with their husbands. So I was pretty sure they were being spiritually fed at homegroup
and on Sundays at church.
Then I met a lady in a supermarket one day, who had a child the same age as me. We were
both wondering around the supermarket with our toddlers, having just been to see the
doctor, because they were both sick. We got chatting and of course, because of our season
in life, there were a lot of things that we had in common. Eventually this lady started coming
to my momʼs group and she has now joined our church.
It was a light bulb moment for me because I realised just what an asset a little baby can be.
Babies are such a draw card. They can disarm even the hardest heart. And so, it was with
that in mind that we decided to approach momʼs groups as a major tool to reach other
momʼs who are unsaved and donʼt go to church.
One of the biggest challenges we faced was leadership. We had many chats as a leadership
team on ways that we could help moms to look beyond their own needs and situation, and to
reach out to unsaved moms. Some people do this naturally but for the rest of us, we often
need a good nudge or two in the right direction.
Isaiah 40:11 “He tends His flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms and
carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those who have young.
The other challenge we faced was when unsaved people actually started coming along.
Unsaved people come with all kinds of baggage (so do a whole lot of Christians)!! Add to
that the odd screaming baby, or biting toddler and we suddenly found ourselves with our
hands full!!