Following are some pointers that have assisted us doing a multisite church. We found it helpful to establish what we handle together, and what is handled by each site independently.

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” Ephesians 4:16

Things we handle together

  • Preaching and mc training, selecting preachers, rosters and preaching content
  • 2 media items per weekend and a preaching platform at times
  • 2 elders meetings pm (one meeting just with the men, another with wives and kids)
  • Setting of the budget and the pooling of funds
  • Uptown (our kids ministry) – conference 1 per annum
  • Uptown philosophy, curriculum , media and advice when needed
  • Destiny team (our gap year program) midweek functions
  • Youth philosophy, preaching, media
  • Worship- conference 1 per annum, CDs, breaking ceilings and advice when needed
  • Office systems for staff, including: CAPEX and employment of staff, Champ system (the customised connect group data base) for home groups
  • 1x mens conference and 1x ladies conference per annum
  • 3x regional deacons meetings per annum with Grant
  • 1x leadership summit per annum
  • 1x corporate fasting moment per annum
  • 1x corporate Sunday moment
  • Resource packs for starting point and leadership, visitors DVDs
  • Websites
  • New building purchase and development design for all buildings (including kids ministry entrances)
  • Community projects
  • Plant new sites

Things we handle independently

  • MCing the meetings, fathering, governing, leading
  • 1 local announcement per Sunday
  • 2 elders meetings per month
  • Spending of allocated budget
  • 1 building fund every 2 years per site
  • Children’s ministry volunteer recruitment and ministry management for Uptown
  • Destiny Team (gap year students) allocated to different sites for Sunday
  • Leadership, motivation and recruiting of bands
  • Mens’ and ladies’ meetings
  • Leader’s meetings as the site captain sees fit
  • Leadership training
  • Starting point
  • 53 Sunday functions essential to each Sunday meeting
  • Pastoring: new, hurt, young and old. Includes discipline if required
  • Starting connect groups and overseeing their health
  • Local prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Community development
  • Maintaining buildings and the church environment
  • Discipleship- courses is one method of doing this
  • Enlisting volunteers
  • Going to nations
  • Enlist and join all the corporate events
  • Integrate visitors into site from: welcome, DVD, starting point into connect etc

How sites do independent events on Sunday

“The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Tim 2:2

  • You will always get a preacher allocated for every Sunday of the year, but you can ask for an adjustment on the ‘free Sundays’*.
  • Timing of evangelism events needs to synchronised with the 7 ‘free Sundays’ in a year.
  • Resourcing to come from allocated budgets or from a submission to visionary fund.
  • Focus needs to be purposeful and excellentIt is possible to do local emphasis within a regular series as long as it works around the message and preacher.

* ‘free Sundays’ – A Sunday without a planned topic