NCF Kid’s Ministry Overview

This year has started with a bang and we will have 10 Uptown meetings running on a Sunday by the end of February. Multi-site is just a way of spreading the gospel to various groups of people and it’s something of the calling of God at NCF church (what took 20 years to build in the past will take 2 years now). Myself (Grant) and my wife, Nicolé will be overseeing the sites and working closely with the site captains with regards to the running of the Sunday meetings. We will also be rotating between the sites during a month, as well as rotating between the various mid-week planning meetings that happen in various locations. Can I strongly encourage you to please push into your site captains and give them all the support and creativity that you can.
Curriculum and Storytelling
We have a 3-year curriculum that we have now begun improving upon. If you would like to get involved in helping upgrade the activities this year for either younger or older kids, then please come and speak to us. We would love to pick your brain. We also want all you budding story writers to come up with some really funky scripts for the various story’s that we do. If you come up with your own story, please can you script it out and forward to us so we can include it on our UPtown website (even if after the story has been done). If it really works well, write out a script and forward to me. The story is like the “preach“in our UPtown meetings. I will be giving some training and working more closely with the storytellers. The good story scripts will be included into the curriculum for future use and will most definitely be used by other Churches – this is big need amongst smaller churches!! You guys will be sowing big time into the Kingdom by doing this). There has been some interest expressed to help with storytelling by a bunch of budding potential preachers – we may see an Uptown preaching/storytelling team developing!!

Media and Website
We have our very own UPtown iMac computer with all the software for movie making, and logo design and would love to see an entire uptown creative team arising.

We will along with the rest of the church be meeting as our different sites or zones (south) every week from 6-7pm on a Thursday evening. These meetings are essential for planning and preparation for a Sunday and ensure the Sunday runs with excellence (irresistible environment) and this is what attracts the unsaved kids. This is God’s heart for the kids of our city. We will also be doing some training for small groups, media and storytelling from time to time.
Parent connection
Our preload CD is designed to assist the parents of our children at Uptown to live out their faith at home, to have devotions and spend time investing in their children’s spiritual lives. Parents have the biggest influence in their children’s lives. It’s a short 2-5 min chat, one for each day of the week for the month and it runs in conjunction with the curriculum for a month. I encourage you to take a CD as well when they come out so you know what we are talking about. Upload is when we invite the parents on a Friday evening to come and see what we do on a Sunday. The kids get to show off their knowledge and we get to show off how much fun we have on a Sunday. We have worship etc and in the past many parents on the outskirts of the church come (which is so cool). It’s also a chance for the kids to invite unsaved family to “church”. We would love to celebrate salvations and even water baptisms with the kids. There is also a parenting course coming up. We want to help parents to raise Godly kids and to live out their faith at home.

We have another Make You Famous Kids music event planned for the 4th September. We will be looking for aspiring singers and dancers and we really want to see our Uptown bands recording their own songs in the studio this year. We will also be putting on the MYF event at our Nottingham Road site in February. The new concept of LIVE@FIVE is when every single one of our small group leaders arrange to do something fun with their small group at 5pm – all on the same day. It’s kind of like a grade 5 saying to the grade 4, “so we are going to go ten pin bowling, where you guys going?” It’s so we can get to know our small group kids and build relationships with them so we can speak Godly values into their lives through the relationships you have created. It would be great to invite one or two of the parents as well to come along. We also have some social events and a dads and kids camp planned for the latter part of the year.


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