Preaching Training: Session 1

Why God Should Be Supreme in Preaching

The Goal of Preaching:

The Glory of God

Rom 10.14-15 : Isa 52.7 :: Good news : “Your God reigns”

“The only submission to the Lordship of Christ that fully magnifies his worth and reflects his beauty is the humble gladness of the human soul in the glory of God in the face of his son” (28-29).

The Ground of Preaching:

The Cross of Christ

The Cross as the Ground of the Validity of Preaching

“God designed a way to vindicate the worth of his glory and at the same time give hope to sinners who have scorned that glory – and what he designed was the death of his Son” (35).

The Cross as the Ground of the Humility of Preaching

“The cross is the power of God to crucify the pride of both preacher and congregation” (36).

The Gift of Preaching:

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Relying on the Gift of the Spirit’s Word – the Bible

Quote words of Scripture; don’t just summarize passages.

“The work of the Holy Spirit in the process of interpretation is not to add information, but to give us the discipline to study well, and the humility to accept the truth we find without twisting it, and often a desperately needed discovery or insight in his providential guidance of our work” (46).

Relying on the Gift of the Spirit’s Power in Preaching

Admit to the Lord that I can do nothing without him.

Pray for help.

Trust a specific promise where I can bank my hope for that hour.

Act in the confidence that God will fulfill his Word.

Thank God at the end of message.

The Gravity and Gladness of Preaching

“Gladness and gravity should be woven together in the life and preaching of a pastor in such a way as to sober the careless soul and sweeten the burdens of the saints” (55).

“If you don’t give gladness, you don’t give the gospel; you give legalism” (57).

Strive for practical, earnest, glad-hearted holiness in every area of your life.

Make your life – especially the life of your study – a life of constant communion with God in prayer.

Read books that were written by men or women who bleed Bible when you prick them and who are blood-earnest about the truths they discuss.

Direct your mind often to the contemplation of death.

Consider the biblical teaching that as a preacher you will be judged with greater strictness.

Consider the example of Jesus.

Strive with all the strength you have to know God and to humble yourself under his mighty hand.