Raising a successor –


  • Wrongful assumptions about leadership development

Presume leaders are born or just become leaders…

Looking at the natural/ outside appearance / what the world deems to be important


  • Unwise time investment

90% of my time into those that aren’t interested or only willing to give 10% of their time


  • Fear of Holding people accountable, confronting and challenging people

Eph 4:15Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.         (children tossed around by every wind of doctrine…)


The starting point – pray for God to expose a man or woman’s heart

This isn’t a leaders’ right or privilege. A bridge of trust needs to be in place to enable frank and honest discussions with people.

To be silent on life issues because of I’m afraid, shows a lack of love for people


  • Uniformity – gravitating to those that look like me ONLY

Looking for the finished product


  • Insecurity – dominating those who are more gifted than you


  • Being reactive –

The last-minute leadership search

David anointed way before Saul was done and dusted; Solomon anointed and David continues to lead


  • Fear of not being able to replace the leader incumbent

What happens if they go?


  1. Pick by revelation AND observation                 (Samuel with David)

Dudley Daniel – used to speak about revelation and observation when it comes to the things of God

Revelation – allow God to show and anoint. Not always the standout or most obvious

Observation – don’t kiss your brains goodbye

Don’t get desperate when you have no options


  1. Invest time into people – no shortcuts!!!

We cannot disciple everyone well, but we can disciple a few eg. Jesus creates a closed circuit in his 12 disciples

This can be frustrating because there are casualties along the way and people don’t live up to our dream for them

This does not need to be deeply spiritual always, let it happen on the road

Take people with you informally

Bring them into your space – you should be good for them

Meet up twice a month/monthly formally


  1. Give them maximum exposure
  • Expose them to more than just yourself – other leaders, leaders training
  • Look for ignition points, moments where their mind can be blown open – Trans-local forums, prayer meeting etc.
  • Less traumatic when I’m out the picture
  • Covers the blind spots I may have


  1. GET tons of feedback & GIVE tons of feedback

Ask them their thoughts on life, meetings, preachers, God, the Bible, people etc.

I get to hear their theology, what makes them tick, their belief system


  1. Pick the right timing to release a new leader

There’s no manual to this – don’t make the call by yourself

Premature – long-term damage                                                (inconsistent, weak & recent faith, unfaithful)

Belated – people have become frustrated           (no one will ever be fully ready)