By Grant Crawford

Replicability is (1) Wise and (2) Biblical

To be able to pass on the baton to ensure future fruitfulness is WISE

“Even the most gifted pastor has a limit to his ability to shepherd people (for most good Pastors it will range between 50 & 200 people). To bring through leaders we need to create a “volunteering culture”. It is easier to turn a serving volunteer into a leader than a spectator into a leader. In order to raise up leaders we need to:

  1. Identify them
  2. Train them
  3. Release them
  4. Encourage them
When churches start new sites they don’t want to start at ground zero every time

There needs to be a constant flow of new leaders and the passing on of victories and lessons to the next generation. In order to replicate effective ministry we need to:

  1. Celebrate effort- Want to create “freedom to fail”
  2. Recognise what fruitfulness is
  3. Record or diarize (formal documentation) of systems
  4. Use media to store and deliver

To be able to pass on the baton to ensure future fruitfulness is biblical

When you get other side of 45 you realise, what’s behind is greater than what lies before you. I have heard it said that you spend your first 40 years looking for success and the next forty looking for significance. The thoughts of “leaving a legacy” is often thought to be the language of old men. I want to suggest that it is both biblical and responsible.

I had an elder say to me one weekend regarding a young guy “he just can’t pass on his skill” I wanted to ask “can’t or won’t?” For example, a connect leader, a worship leader, a preacher/mc, a sound guy and cappuccino maker all have skills and lessons to pass on. Surely they “can”, so why don’t they?

Perhaps these are some of the reasons:
  • Their personality is characterized by “responsibility “. They feel that they would rather do it with the assurance of it getting done.
  • Fear that their successor might replace them (Insecurity)
  • Not thinking ‘big picture’ (Self-centered)
  • In Josh 4: 1-7 God halted the people of Israel just before their victory to get the leaders to think about the next generation. Josh 4: 8-24 shows how
  • We need to start to think less of self and get the eyes off the giants and on to those God has given you to lead.
  • Ministry and life is about people, not tasks.
  • Ask God; God wants to talk to you about your successor
  • Talk about it, Invite questions, use aids to help you
  • Encourage them to fight and help them in handling failure

 We hope that this resource blesses you and the way you deal with mission and evangelism in your church. Feel free to print, edit and distribute this document.