Site Captains Preparation –

Each of our sites or locations is led by a ‘site captain’. These are basic principles we go through with each of our site captains in order to ready them for leading a site.

  1. Basic Biblical principles of leadership
  2. Topical issues to do with small group leading

Session 1 – Biblical Leadership

  • Hierarchy vs Democracy vs Theocracy(3 triangles)
  • Women in leadership
  • Leadership by example
  • Being a good follower

Homework – How and when did you get saved? What are some of your dreams that you are hoping to achieve?

Session 2 – Qualifications of a deacon

  • 1 Tim 3 qualifications of a deacon
  • Include basic doctrine that we shouldn’t quibble on

Homework – Using 1 Timothy 3 as a basis, describe the aspects of leadership that you feel qualify you to lead as well as any areas you feel disqualify you to lead. This should be a frank assessment of yourself before God.

Session 3 – The Holy Spirit and Gifts

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Facilitating the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the gifts
  • Prophecy

Homework – Describe your experience of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and prophesying over people. Was there a moment when you were first filled with the Holy Spirit?

Session 4 – Leading a Small Group Meeting

  • How to “hold” new people
  • Growing a group
  • Building toward local church
  • Facilitating a discussion
  • Casting vision

Homework – It will be arranged for you to lead a small group meeting in the coming week. Get feedback from your small group leader on how successfully you facilitated the discussion and write down 3 things you could improve on.

Session 5 – The Personal Life of a Christian Leader

  • Time management
  • Dealing with temptation
  • Leading through pressure
  • Life-giving friendships
  • Personal disciplines
  • Dealing with offense

Homework – Find a new person at church and find out the following things about them: 1) How long have you been coming to NCF Church? 2) Who brought you to church? 3) Have you managed to link in with a homegroup/Starting Point yet?

Session 6- Practical Shepherding

  • Being a shepherd at NCF (fathering/mothering)
  • Basic counselling skills
  • Bringing people to maturity
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Dealing with sin issues

Homework – Using Matthew 18 & 1 Cor 5 as a guide, how would you handle the following situations:

  • Frank and Mary have just given their lives to Christ on Sunday. They have joined your group and during the group discussion it has become apparent that they are living together. How do you as a homegroup leader handle this situation if at all?
  • Bob has stopped coming to homegroup because he has had a fall out with Lyle who’s also in the group. Lyle did some plumbing work for Bob, and Bob feels that Lyle overcharged him. Bob is very angry and the situation is prickly. How do you as the homegroup leader handle the situation if at all?


Topical issues regarding small group leading

These topics should be covered as and when with prospective small group leaders as well as current small group leaders as discussion topics. These topics can be covered in smaller forums as ongoing topics to keep leaders skills sharp.

Topics would include:

  • How to prepare your home
  • Hosting people
  • Gathering people & growing your group
  • Group facilitation skills
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • What is the aim of every small group meeting?
  • How to use a “Homegroup Help”
  • Choosing and releasing the right potential leader
  • Worship in a small group
  • Establishing a plan for your group
  • Shepherding people wisely
  • How to handle kids in a small group
  • Personal preparation
  • Facilitating the Holy Spirit and the gifts
  • How to release people in a small group by giving them responsibility