Some Ways God Heals

3 Models of Healing

  • Dispensational
  • Hyper-Faith
  • Biblical

3 Grounds for Healing

  • Covenant (Ex. 15:26 cf., Hebrews 8:6)
  • Atonement (Is. 53:4 cf.; Mw. 8:17)
  • Kingdom (Mw. 12:28)

3 Pillars of Healing

  • Spirit of God (power encounter)
  • Word of God (truth encounter)
  • People of God (love encounter)

Why God heals

  • compassion
  • in response to faith
  • to bring glory to God
  • to demonstrate part of God’s nature
  • because He is asked to
  • so that we wait on Him
  • to remove hindrances to ministry
  • to bring people to salvation
  • to manifest the presence of the Kingdom of God

There are about 25 healing encounters in the Gospels, but Jesus only poses a question three times.

  • Do you want to get well?
  • What do you want me to do for you?
  • Do you believe I am able to do this for you?

God is able and willing to heal. So why are some people not healed? There are several accounts in the Bible that tell us about people who did not get better. Even Paul spoke about a “thorn in his side” that God did not remove although Paul asked Him to.

Your theology needs to be big enough to deal with the fact that God may not heal you and you be okay with it.

Some reasons why people may not be healed:

  • lack of faith
  • sin
  • disunity in the body of Christ
  • sick person does not want to get well
  • incorrect diagnosis
  • lack of perseverance
  • God wants the person to carry out an action and is waiting for obedience
  • God’s timing to take people home
  • abusing our own body
  • wrong view of sickness
  • wrong life style
  • self-pity
  • lack of humility
  • sense of entitlement, arrogance
  • fear, anxiety to let go
  • occult influence
  • guilt
  • anger
  • receiving problem ( having problems receiving God’s healing)
  • sovereignty of God
  • no reason to be found
  • a pilgrimage in power.

God may not always seem fair to us, but He is always right.

Causes of sickness:

  • devil
  • sin
  • (self-) neglect
  • the Fall – there is sickness in the world and we cannot always avoid it
  • although God is never the cause of our sin, He can use sin to bring us to repentance, He can use it to refine and humble us and to get our attention.

Further Grounds for Healing:

  • God’s mercy
  • God’s glory demonstrated
  • faith
  • God testing us – will we serve Him even when times are hard?
  • God is strong in and through our weakness
  • atonement
  • Kingdom
  • our theology of healing must be true/ real to Scripture and experience
  • marry faith/excpectancy with understanding/security

The future reign of God’s kingdom has broken into the present, which enables us to live “comfortably uncomfortable” within the tension of this reality. When God’s kingdom has fully come, there will be no more sickness.

How does God heal?

God responds to faith. Pray with an expectation to see Healing but we cannot reduce it to a formula.

Praying for the sick

  • ask for permission
  • have compassion
  • persevere (with sensitivity)
  • don’t forget it is first and foremost about people, not to see a miracle happen
  • naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural
  • follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit

We need to understand the power and limit of miracles. We can’t turn miracles into a miracle cure-all. We also cannot become causal or indifferent about healing, but hold God’s truth in tension.

Healing is a mystery and a mercy

God is able and willing to heal but He is not obliged to do so.

Recommended Reads:

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  • Christ the Healer – FF Bosworth
  • Power Healing – John Wimber
  • Healing then and now – Martin Scott
  • Surprised by the Power of God – Jack Deere
  • The Essential Guide to Healing – Bill Johnson & Randy Clarke


staff notes by Nigel Day-Lewis; August 2015 (compiled by S. Mahabeer).