Sunday Meeting Administration –

How to administrate Sundays

Although Sunday is an important time in the life of any church, the actual meeting should serve the mission NOT the mission serve the meeting.

The way we bear this in mind from day one will determine the way our Sunday expression develops.

It has often been debated as to whether community or mission is the most important Sunday factor! It intrinsically is both, but the method and importance placed on each of these words and the outworking of it on Sunday determines the success we will have in both administrating our meetings as well as growing the Kingdom through our local church.

Many churches start with a huge community oriented outlook.  This is most definitely sustainable up to +- 150 to 200 people, but then it becomes a ceiling which caps the ability to see the church grow with new believers.  Why?

For the following reasons:-

  • Community models are more comfortable than missional models but become uncomfortable when you no longer feel the community is intact.
  • Visitors feel like outsiders if it is strongly community based.
  • Models of administration like home groups serving on Sundays become limiting and actually can hinder people from being involved rather than help people to get involved.

Start like you want to finish!

Missional approach to administrating Sundays

Missional thinking:

  • See the lost saved
  • Disciple the saved

These two things should strongly determine how we administrate Sundays.

Sunday administrative calls that are hugely missional in nature:-

  • Keeping your meetings on time. (Unsaved)
  • Involve as many people in the administration not just the specialists. (Discipling)
  • The importance and emphasis you place on certain functions. (Unsaved)

Key Logistical thoughts around administrating Sunday

  • Appoint an administrator that can oversee all the logistics on your site. (See attached duty list of a site administrator)
  • Needs to be visionary in approach to problem solving.
  • Needs to be a recognised leader with people skills as well as administrative skills.
  • Needs to be creative and able to encourage and motivate people to greater things.


  • Appoint captains of teams that are needed in your context and on your site. (See attached list of different Sunday functions that occur)
    • The captains need to have a passion for their area of involvement.
    • Need to be able to build team and recruit new volunteers because NOW COMMUNITY HAPPENS WITHIN TEAMS rather than an emphasis of community amongst all the people.
    • Need to be reliable and to lead by example.
  • Focus on the following teams in order to build with a missional outlook.
    • Parking Team
    • Welcoming team
    • Visitors Lounge
    • Cell assimilation and follow up
    • Involvement Table

(See different Sunday areas of involvement handout)

  • Set rosters in place in order of priority
      • Preaching Roster
      • Worship Team
      • MC Roster
      • Then other team rosters follow
  • Set clear distinctions between aspects of Sunday that are administrative in nature and aspects that are governmental in nature.
    • The site administrator need not be an elder as he should not make governmental calls however he can be an elder.
    • Administration should be invisible.

(See handout on job description of a site administrator)

  • Role clarity of elders/personnel on Sundays


  • Site Captain (Mic elder)





Develop plans to reach community




  • Site Administrator

Lead the 53 functions


Provide the banks

Encourage team captains

Check what is and is not happening


  • Children’s Captain


  • Team Captains

Encourage their teams

Grow the teams

Maintain standard of excellence


  • Rest of elders on site



Gifts released

Stir faith

Link to body