Talk it Over 1 –

Opening Question:

What is your most embarrassing moment at work/varsity/school?


Judges  9 & Rom 12:9


Jephthah was a Gideon’s son, born from a prostitute. His 70 half-brothers were heir to the throne of Gideon.  Because Abimelech knew that he would not inherit the throne & because he was rejected by his half-brothers, he killed almost all of them, with the exception of the youngest – Jotham.  The consequences of these actions led to Abimelech’s own people turning against him and eventually suffering an untimely death. We can therefore say that he reaped what he sewed.


1)      What can we learn from Jephthah’s  actions?


2)      What are the consequences when we take matters into our own hands eg: revenge & not forgiving others?

Read Rom 12:9


3)    Is there anyone who is struggling with unforgiveness towards those who have wronged them?

Pray for these people – allow time for ministry.