Talk it Over 1 –

INTRODUCTION: Text Gal 1 vs 1 – 16


Paul started the Galatians’ churches a couple of years before. Various teaches came into the church telling the church that Paul only preached half the truth. According to them, parts of Moses’ laws needed to be added in order to live a righteous life. So Paul writes this letter to bring correction by reminding them that the gospel of Jesus is the whole truth.



  1. Who contributed to you getting saved and why was it so life-changing at the time?  Describe…
  2. Why did Paul have to write such a strong letter to these churches?
  3. What are some of the things that we add to, or subtract from the Gospel?

Example – Regular church attendance

– Lengthy Prayer sessions

– Giving to the poor


Ministry Aim:

As a facilitator, you may want to conclude your discussion in prayer, along the following lines.

1.       Reconise that we tend to complicate the Gospel by adding “good works” to it.

2.       Repent of using good works as the basis for my relationship with Christ.