Talk it Over 2 –

Opening Question:

What is the heaviest object you have ever lifted in your life!


Judges  14,15 & 16


Samson was set apart from birth to rescue Israel from the Philistines.   At the start of Chapter 14 we are introduced to Samson as a grown man and his first words are “I saw one of the daughters of the Philistines at Timnah.  Now get her for me as my wife.”  A couple of verses later, he takes on a lion and kills it with his bare hands. We soon realize that Samson has an appetite for women’s love and for a fight.

1)      Looking at Samson’s life, what can we learn about how God works on a person’s character and on what they are called to?

Leader’s Guide:  It is amazing that God uses anyone, but He also works on our character to make us more like Him and to prepare us for our mission.


2)       What can we learn from how Samson:

a)  – tried to satisfy his appetite for a women’s love?

b) – tried to satisfy his appetite for conflict?


3)    What appetites do you feel you have not handed over to God ?

Leader’s Guide: This question is not meant to be answered publicly. Rather allow time for people             think about this question and pray as a group for any struggling in this area. Encourage people                

to speak privately to you as a leader. Remember that Jesus is the one that satisfies every appetite.