Talk it Over 2 –

Good Ideas:

  • If you have a Bible reading plan that works for you, why don’t you share it with those in the group that do not have one.  You can also get feedback from them on a weekly basis on how they are progressing with it.
  • A simple Bible reading plan that could be helpful is as follows:

–          Use 3 bookmarks: 1 in the Old Testament (Start in Genesis), 1 in the middle (Psalm, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes etc), and 1 in the New Testament (Start in Matthew).  Read 3 chapters a day, 1 chapter from each book, or 3 chapters from 1 book per day.

–          NB: This Bible reading plan is just a tool, it should not burden people, but give them a better way of reading the Bible.


Opening question:

What is the best book you have ever read and why is it your favourite?


1.)   Why is reading the Bible so important?

(Leaders guide – You want to lead the discussion to the fact that Jesus is seen all over the Bible, and the more we read, the more we see Him!

–          Also that the Bible gives us wisdom on how we should live our lives)

2.)   What are some of the struggles you face when reading the Bible?

(Leaders guide – this may be a good opportunity to share on how you read the Bible, and to show   the group how to practically read your Bible by using your own reading plan, or the above one.)


3) When do you read the Bible and how do you read it?