Talk it Over 2 –


What was usually your favourite  response to your parents when they wanted to punish you for being naughty?




In Galatians 5 Paul shows us that there are two continuous battles taking place within believers.  This is the battle to either be led by our sinful nature, or to be led by the Holy Spirit.  Paul urges us to live and be led by the Holy Spirit.  When Paul mentions the ‘sinful nature’ in this text, he is not talking about us still being under the authority of sin (ie: still having sin as our master (Rom 6).  He is rather saying that we have a choice now as believers to follow either the Sinful nature and its desires, or the Holy Spirit.


READ: Gal 5 vs 16 – 26



  1. How do we know that we are being led by our sinful nature or by the Holy    Spirit?
  2. How to we stop ourselves from being led by our sinful nature?
  3. What does it mean to “keep in step with the Spirit”, and how do we stay in step with Him?



1.         NCF North is hosting the “Make You Famous” music & dance event this Sunday morning at both 8 & 10am.

2.         Marriage Course starting 1st March, tonight with the screening of the FIREPROOF movie.

3.         Women’s Alpha is being run on Wednesday mornings at the South site.

Pray that God would draw many unsaved people to these events, and that their lives would be transformed by His amazing grace.