Talk it Over 3 –

Opening Question:

Have you ever seen someone lose their temper in a public place? Tell us what happened…


God’s anger is very often something we prefer not to think about. It is very easy to skip to our favourite verses about God’s love and His promises and overlook the verses that deal with His anger. This is most often because we do not understand it fully.


Isaiah 63:1-6 and Revelation 19:11, 12, 15 (OT and NT examples of His anger)


  1. What do these verses teach us about God?


It is important that we understand:

  1. God’s anger is not at all like human anger

Human anger often involves losing one’s temper, flaring up like a volcano and then subsiding again…Imagine what it would be like if God suddenly lost His temper! You would then live constantly in fear of uncontrolled lightning bolts striking you from heaven! God’s anger is not like ours.

  1. God is Holy

God is absolutely pure. Dazzlingly wonderful and clean and perfect. He has no blemish. A picture the bible uses is the picture of “light”. There is no darkness in Him. No shadow. Nothing dark and sinful can come close to Him

  1. The way a Holy God feels towards sin is God’s Anger

This anger is constant. Everlasting. God hates sin. the problem is that every one of us has sinned. (Romans 3:23) And God hates sin. our sin and rebellion against an infinite and Holy God deserves infinite and Holy anger…

  1. God allows the full weight of His anger and wrath to fall on Christ

Our sin that deserved God’s wrath and anger was carried by Jesus on the cross and the full weight of every bit of anger and wrath that we deserved was placed on Jesus…Now we can experience His love. Now we can approach a Holy God.  If we do not fully understand God’s anger, we cannot fully understand His love.

Now Read:

Isaiah 63:7 and Hebrews 12:28-29


  1. What does this mean for me?

Leader’s Guide:

–          This is a great opportunity to lead people to Jesus and this is a great opportunity to pray for those who need to make their lives right with God. this is also a great opportunity to show our people that God loves us, that we can approach Him (Hebrews4:16) and that He is no longer angry with us if we are saved. This now means that:

  •  Christ is our refuge
  • We need to live in reverence and awe