Talk it Over 4 –

Opening Question:

Who in your life has been the scariest female leader? eg:  Teacher, Coach, Headmistress, Aunt/Gran, etc


Judges 4


Israel is living in sin and things are out of order amongst the people.  The nation has a warped view of leadership.  Therefore God has anointed Deborah, a prophetess and wife, to lead the nation of Israel.


1)      Why does God view leadership in his Kingdom as important?


Read Judges 5 vs  1 – 2


2)       Why are some men reluctant to lead?

(leaders guide – some men feel inadequate, scared, guilt ridden.  As wives we need to encourage our husbands.

–          Other men are just generally back footed.

Both of these types of men need an encounter with God! J )


3)      Where do you feel you are at?

–          A Deborah having to lead strongly because you are a single parent or for another reason? ( Remember God gave Deborah the Grace she needed to lead)

–          A Barak needing courage from God to lead the way He has called you to?

(Leaders guide – allow time for God to minister to people through giving time for the Holy Spirit to touch people)

NB – Remember that Jesus shows us what true leadership is in Eph 5.  Its laying our lives down serving .  This is the role God has called men to play.