Talk it Over 4 –


What does 77 multiplied by 7 equal to? (answer = 539)

What was the point of the sum?

(The number of times Jesus says we should forgive a person who continuously sins against us)



Matt 18 vs 21 – 30



1.) Forgiving is difficult, but how does Jesus, who is represented by the king in this parable, teach us to  forgive people?

(Leaders guideJesus shows us in this story that he has cancelled the debt of sin which we had to pay for, leaving us with nothing to pay.  Because he forgave us for such a great debt, we should also forgive people who sin against us.)



2.) Is there anyone with stories of how they have had victory in forgiving a person who has caused hurt by sinning against you?

(Leaders guide – Be careful that people who share do not bad mouth or name the people who they have had to forgive.  Some people may have been hurt badly by parents or close friends, but make sure that they do not turn the meeting into a criticism of people that have caused pain.)


3.) Is there anyone who feel convicted that they have not forgiven people/a person that have hurt them?

(Leaders guide – Don’t ask them who, unless they want to share their story personally with you, but take time to pray for these people and allow  the Holy Spirit to minister by maybe putting on a worship CD.  Trust that God will remove the root of unforgiveness from their hearts.