Talk it Over 4 –


Explain the word love using its 4 letters? Be creative & have fun with it! (doesn’t have to be serious)

Read Gal 6:1-2 & Gal 5:14

Discussion questions:
1. How does the law of Christ differ from previous laws (ten commandments etc.) and why did the 10 commandments need an upgrade?

(Leaders guide – previous laws dealt with people’s behaviour but didn’t change the heart. The law of Christ is a law of love that starts with a change inside)

2. Paul describes this love in 1 Cor 13:4-8. Discuss the challenges of this kind of love.

(Leader’s guide – This love doesn’t let any of us off the hook. We have no rights to hold grudges and unforgiveness. Anyone can receive a second chance when loved with this love)

3. What are some of the areas that you may need to make some adjustments if you are to love this way? Discuss

(Leader’s guide – it may be good to give each person a piece of paper and get them to write down all the descriptions of love as per 1 Cor 13 ie. Patient, Kind, Keeps no record of wrongs etc. Then proceed to asking question 3.)