Talk it Over 5 –


If you were a King/Queen, what would the top 3 things be that you would implement in your Kingdom?


Read Matt 6 vs 9 – 13:


1)  What does Jesus mean when He says we should pray that God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven? (vs 10)

(Leaders guide – there is perfection in heaven, in other words when we pray for a sick person to be healed, we know that there is no sickness in heaven.  Therefore we ask that it would be in this person’s body as it is in heaven (no sickness).


Pick 2a or 2b, depending on how your group responds to this topic:


2a) Are there any people that would like to share a story of how they prayed a personal prayer or prayed for someone else, and saw the Kingdom of God move?

–          This could be with healing, provision, protection etc.

(Leaders guide – It would be good for you as the leader to have 1 or 2 of these stories from your own experiences.  The aim of this question is to build faith through hearing how God is able to move in people’s lives.)


2b)  How does a believer know that God will answer their prayer?

(Leaders guide – its not always God’s will to answer every single prayer we have.  The most important element that we could add to prayer is Faith in Jesus.  When we pray with Faith we can rest assured that whether God answers a prayer or not, He is still in control of everything.)


3) Is there anyone that needs prayer for something and has faith to see the Kingdom of God crashing into their lives?

(Leaders guide – Stand and pray for these people, if what they are trusting God for is very personal

take time as their leader to chat to them after the meeting about it.  Otherwise it may be good for the group to know what these people are trusting God for.)