Talk it Over 5 –

Opening Question:

What is the wildest thing you have ever done!


Judges  6: 11 – 24  & 7: 2 – 18


Gideon was called by God to rescue his nation, but was petrified to do so at first.  He asks and re-asks God for signs to convince himself that God has called him to carry out victory over the Midianites.   We see God taking Gideon on a journey of faith in preparation for what God had called him to.  In the end we see Gideon, who saw himself as the least of his people, being a man with a wild faith!


1)      How does an ordinary man like Gideon become a conquering hero as we see him to be in these chapters?



2)       How do we know what God wants for our lives and how He wants to use us?

(leaders guide – The Holy Spirit comes upon us and shows us…

–          He shows us through His Word…

–          He shows us through people with words of prophecy, and in the case of Gideon a dream in verse 13.

3)    When God reveals Himself to us and calls us into what He has made us for, we start living a wild      faith!  Is there anyone who desires to be used by God to a greater measure?

(Leaders Guide – Use this moment in the meeting to allow Jesus to speak to people and to spur    them on to what they have been born to do!  Try not to make this a somber moment but an incredibly exciting time as the Holy Spirit ministers, and trust God for Prophetic words for people in your group!  This could be a very special moment in some of their lives!)