Talk it Over –

Opening Questions:

  1. Who is the most generous person that you know (outside of yourself or your immediate family)? What made them so outstanding in your memory?
  2. What is the most generous thing someone has done for you?



John 3:16 and 2Cor 9:6


  1. What do these verses teach us about God?
  2. When do you find it most challenging to be generous?
  3. Modern economics would teach that you trade and deal with finances, how is the Biblical method of “sowing and reaping” different?
  4. What do these verses teach us about how God wants us to live?

Leaders Guide

–           Most often when we speak about generosity we think of finances. But what about other areas like generosity with time and words, friendship and kindness, love and effort? Are we generous towards our spouses and children with these things? And are we generous towards others? Be careful of only discussing finances and worldly wealth in your meetings.