Talk it Over 8 –

Icebreaker: (paper and pen needed for each person)

The Following words have to do with Blessing, try and unscramble each:

1- ezesen (Sneeze)

2- amrahba (Abraham)

3- hifta (Faith)

4- fseiujtdi (Justified)

5- Tilnsagaa (Galatians)


Read: Gal 3 vs 9 – 14


Paul draws a parallel between blessings and curses in this text.  The Big Question is; How do we live in God’s Blessing?. To answer this Paul gives us 2 simple equations:


Rely on works of the law = Curse

Rely on Jesus in faith = Blessing




1)  If a christian was convinced they were cursed, how could this passage be used to set them free?

(Leaders notes: Jesus became a curse for us, so that we could live by faith in Him, therefore living in blessing.


2) What do  the words “Justified” and “Faith” mean, and how does Paul link them?

(Leaders notes: a good description for “justified” is that before God we stand just as if we have never sinned, because Jesus died for our sins.  “Faith” is described in Heb 11 vs 1, it means that we do not rely on words from the law or works, but on Jesus.  Paul links the 2 words by saying that Faith in Jesus justifies us.)


3.) Is there anyone who has lived in fear of curses or being cursed?

(Leaders notes:Pray for these people and ask God to fill them with Faith in Jesus)