Talk it Over 9 –


What are some of the funniest superstitions you have heard/seen people have?


World thought in 20C that God was dead, or God was a crutch upon which weak people could lean.  Now in 21C, people believe in the spiritual realm quite strongly.

25% of American people dabble in New Age spirituality.  Religions are becoming more and more popular and superstition is a part of this; e.g.: People don’t walk under a ladder; they ignore the number 13, black cats bring bad luck as well as opening an umbrella in a room.  The world of the spiritual realm breeds fear.  The Bible says that there is a spiritual world and a physical world. John writes this passage to show Christians how to live in a spiritual world.


Read: 1 John 4: 1 – 6



1) According to John, how should Christians live in a spiritual world?

(Leaders notes – vs 4-16)


2) Share stories of times where you have come up against people who oppose Christ and how you handled the situation.

(Leaders notes – as a leader it could be helpful to share your own story and how you handled the situation. Remember to bring the discussion back to Jesus being the one who is GREATER than the one who is in the world.)


3) Is there anyone who feels like they are in situations where your faith is being tested?

(If so it would be good to pray for these people.)

(Leaders note: if there is anyone who shares a story of demon possession or the like, make sure that verse 4 is EMPHASISED to ensure that people don’t become fearful.)