Think Different –

-notes from NCF’s weekly staff meeting by Tristan Kirn compiled by S. Mahabeer.

Recently, Global 500 released a list of the most valuable companies in the world. Amongst these companies were, no surprises here, the biggest businesses such as Shell, Barclays, De Beers and Coca Cola who literally are more valuable than the entirety of South Africa.

However, with an estimated value of around $700 Billion dollars, Apple made it to the top of the list. South Africa’s GDP is estimated at about $350 Billion dollars, meaning Apple could theoretically buy all of South Africa and additionally acquire most of Africa.

Behind every great company stands a man with a great vision. Late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, changed the way we communicate forever. He is rated as one of the most influential people of the twenty-first century, and FORTUNE called him “the greatest entrepreneur of our time”, describing him as “brilliant, visionary, inspiring”, and “the quintessential entrepreneur of our generation.”

In 1976, Steve and a couple of his friends invented the first personal computer in the humble space of a garage. Back in those days, computers were so huge they would never have fit in an average home. Steve’s idea was to create a computer you could pick up and take home. With this invention Apple became a success story over night.

Steve Jobs has been described as an odd character. He had weird habits, he was considered an arrogant but brilliant man who strived for perfection in everything. In fact, for many years he didn’t have any furniture in his own house and sat and slept on the floor because he couldn’t find anything that met his standard of perfection.

The truth is, that this obsession with perfection eventually caused him to be fired from his own company.

Jobs remained optimistic. He didn’t let this incident bring him down and so he founded another company. This well-known company is a well-known name today, PIXAR. Jobs helped release Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Up and Finding Nemo.

Eventually, Disney bought PIXAR for 8 Billion Dollars and, with that money, Steve bought back Apple which was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

Vision is the bridge between dreams and reality

Some of us might be just drifting through this year with no vision or no felt purpose. That cannot be. There is too much at stake for us to be drifters.

We need to have a vision for our lives. We need to have a vision for our fields of ministry. And we need to have a vision of how our ministry fits in with the grand scheme of God’s vision for humanity.

 Innovation, creativity and initiative are God-given gifts

We are going to face many creative problems in ministry that are going to require very creative and innovative solutions. Instead of making excuses as to why we can’t do or have something, we need to make a plan to solve the problem. God made a plan and He equipped us to do so, too. There is always a solution.

 It’s okay to fail- just make sure your next attempt goes above and beyond

 Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb failed multiple times before succeeding. His quote,“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”, is famous for that reason: failure is an opportunity to spring forward. We can learn from our failures.

It is okay to fail. We just need make our next attempt bigger and better.




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