Welcoming Visitors

Following are a couple of pointers when it comes to welcoming and dealing with visitors so that they can have thoroughly pleasant experience at church.

  • Advertise in the newspaper
  • Welcome in the car park
  • Welcome those with kids, disabilities or aged
  • Welcome at the door
  • Create a welcoming environment
  • Signage to show people where to go
  • Before the service and in their seat
  • Needs to happen within the first 2 minutes of a meeting
  • Engaging with the MC- how we address them in the meeting
  • Have a place for them to go like a visitors lounge
  • Have a visible, accessible involvement desk
  • Carefully consider what doors of entry you have into your church: web, sundays etc
  • To follow up or not is a question you need to consider regarding visitors
  • How we integrate visitors into church life needs to be considered from all the way from the car lot until they become leaders in the church