A Leader’s Role on Sunday

A leader’s role at a Sunday service

Gone are the days where Sunday ministry is the domain of the pastor.   Useful passages on this subject are ⁃​1 Cor 11-14, Acts 2, James 2 and Mark 6.1. Pastoring people

  • Notice the missing, the sad, the alone, the hurting, the grumpy. Showing an interest and concern is the doorway into helping these people.
  • There are lists available from uptown of children who have not been for a while, if you are connected to the children, look them up.
  • Connect people to each other, ie those with similar interests
  • Invite them to one of the coffee lounges or better, invite them home for lunch
  • Connect people into your home group, Sunday is a great place to find people to join your group
2. Model worship
  • and understand the dynamics of why we sing so that you can help people on the journey.
  • Ephesians 5 shows us that we sing to each other (about Jesus) and we sing to the Lord. Some of our singing is evangelistic, most of it ought to be prayerful and “to God.”
  • Leaders should be ready to connect with God at these times, model the passion and love for God that a believer should carry.
  • If people ask why we sing with modern instruments and tunes, it’s to be relevant to unsaved people, so they can hear the Gospel in a language/way they are familiar with.
  • Our different sites have different styles
  • A) Evening meetings and youth are “rock and wild”
  • B) North, Howick, Mooiriver, are acoustic like Matt Redman, Tim Hughs, Chris Tomlin etc.
  • C) West is House and Gospel
  • D) grace is Gospel
  • E) South and East , is like Hillsong, Jesus culture etc.
3. Breaking of bread
  • 1 Cor 11v17-18
  • When the church gathers around the tables, elders should be on the look out for those who are alone. Offer to pray with them and break bread with them.
  • Once you are finished, why not take some bread and a cup to people who have stayed in their seats. Don’t be pushy, simply show you care.
4. Filling the gaps
  • There are 2 ways you can approach Sunday
  • (1) as a needy spectator
  • (2) as a minister.
  • I understand that sometimes we all need to receive, but as a general rule, leaders should come ready to give. If you spot a car park without welcomers, a door without a greeter, an involvement desk without a helper, a car park without a mascot, a band without a singer etc. Volunteer.
  • Church leaders are the hosts, treat our facilities as you would your living rooms. If you see paper lying around or a pick pocket on the prowl, do something about it.
5. Model a hunger for God
  • In our corporate meetings we expect people to encounter God
  • Gifts operate
  • Bring words for individuals
  • Expect God to heal, save, speak, convict, and deliver
6. Prayer
  • Before meeting
  • During the meeting
  • For people when we call them forward
7. Helping people respond to the Gospel
  • In visitors lounge
  • Ask visitors if they have questions
  • Get people connected
8. Mobilising the saints
  • Redeem service. If people see that what they are doing is part of the great mission of Jesus, they will feel that their contribution is part of Gods redemptive plan and therefor worth while.
  • People in small groups aught to be challenged midweek to engage in service on Sundays.
9. Inviting and receiving visitors
  • Car park
  • Ask “How long have you been coming to our church now?”

We hope that this resource blesses you and the way you lead in your Sunday meetings. Feel free to print, edit and distribute this document.

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