Why We Go

To reflect an apostolic God and His nature and not as tourists;

To obey the apostolic imperative;

To change the eternal destiny of men and woman;

To answer countless prayers by people of the past and present;

To propel the forward movement of God’s Kingdom

To excite and provoke other Churches;

Link local resources to eternal purposes.


How should we go?


Joyfully                       Joy is the courage in which we do the work of the Kingdom.

Prepared                    Do not go casually, under-prepared, under-prayed or under-anointed.

Wisely                         Each individual represents the group and the body.

Pay attention to their culture and respect it.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, especially regarding finances.

Be prepared to move to a new area as God leads.

Informed                    Update yourself, educate yourself, do research and ask questions.

As sent one’s              Ensure your church is behind you and keep them informed.

Expectantly                Familiarity breeds contempt. Go humbly and in faith.




But may well have wider applications. The following were noted as areas of weakness and it was suggested that teachings be based here on:


Disunity and jealousy among the churches

People continuously asking for finances

A tension between joblessness and sexual promiscuity

Confrontations/break down in relationships have occurred

Churches are operating as one man bands

Their mentoring and foundational knowledge is weak

The churches are lacking in financial accountability and credibility

Unfaithful and unwise stewardship

Need to learn to give instead of just receiving.





In addition the following basic guidelines were given:

Ensure the venue is accessible and neutral.

Teachings should focus on areas such as discipleship issues  (turning converts to disciples), leadership training, marriage, doctrinal  truths, teamwork, government, etc.(Don’t allow team to be hi-jacked doing funerals, baptisms etc., focus is on training, equipping  and

building meaningful relationships). Hold separate men/woman sessions to focus on different needs


Potential Topics:


How to disciple believers

How to become a better teacher and preacher How to teach people to connect with God Mobilising the Priesthood of all believers Administration in the local church Financial Management, Faith and Fund raising in the local church How to raise up elders, deacons and leaders Raising the levels of prophecy in the local church Increasing your gift and skill as an elder Increasing your gift and skill as a deacon Partnering with apostolic fathers How to help people to become entrepreneurs and impact their standard of  living Impact from your church and into the city Dealing with difficult people and resolving conflict Worship and music in the local church Vision casting, planning and anticipating the future Training Children’s Church Teachers Raising up and discipling teenagers