Worship and the Spirit Part 2 –

By Aiden Whitaker

Part 2

Ever wondered what it was about David that got him places? Try picture David in your mind, what does he look like? We often portray David as this scrawny kid who threw stones and wrote songs as he spent his days watching sheep and then all of a sudden he’s thrust into leading God’s people, redefining worship and music, and defeating the enemy. But what was David really like?

It is important to start off with an understanding that there is no common ground between God’s kingdom and the kingdom of the world and it is vital that we get it, that we need a spiritual solution for a spiritual problem. But too often the pendulum swings too far and we find ourselves on opposite ends of the continuum trading blows about the middle ground – few brave enough to traverse the space between. We are either “Spirit” people or “Relevant” people, “All-about-the presence-of-God people” or “all-about-the-lost people” and we could go on, especially when it comes to worship and music in church…but this is why I love this account because it shows that it is all about the Spirit of God, but it also shows that your package is important. This is often what we misunderstand about David, he had a great CV. We read in 1Samuel16:17 that Saul was looking for someone who could play well, think about that for a moment… How good do you think David was on his harp? Did he just play well? Or do you think he was really good, so skilled in his instrument that he was able to play in front of the king? How good do you have to be to play in front of the Queen of England? Only the best play for kings and queens and presidents etc…right? Out of all the people of God, David was chosen. David was skilled and the truth is that it wasn’t his love for the presence of God that stood out to the king and his servants; it was the fact that he played really well. This idea continues in verse 18 where we read that David was skilful, brave, a warrior, he could speak well and had a presence about him and then finally that the Lord was with him. The defining factors on David’s CV weren’t that he loved the presence of God and that he was a good Christian. No. Before they looked for God they looked at what he had to offer and the truth is that he had a lot to offer – its only at the end of his CV that we see that God was with him.

When it comes to music and the Spirit we need to remember that the world isn’t looking for God, in actual fact they are blinded to God and His gospel (see 2Corinthians 4:4). So how then do we reach the world? The package means more than we think. David redefined.