Young Adult’s Preaching –

Preaching at Fusion:

We tend to work within series that will run for a maximum of 6 weeks so as to give our entire team and audience a sense of direction and focus. There will usually be a two week window in which we can be flexible as to the topic of the preach between series.

Preaching team:

Our preaching team includes not only leaders from our youth group who are gifted to preach, but also those who can contribute meaningfully to the depth, variety and relevance of our preaching.

Leading a youth preaching team:

It is important that those appointed to lead the preaching team have an in-depth knowledge and understanding and are in agreement with the church’s basic theology. They should have regular meaningful interaction with the eldership team, and they should know how the church’s Sunday meeting preaching team functions

Preaching team meetings:

These meetings include developing preaching skills, training, work-shopping and times of constructive criticism and feedback. Brainstorming  would probably be the most important aspect of these meetings and contextualization in these times of brainstorming times is pivotal. The preaching team is also responsible for the inclusion of draw cards, props, media and a look at how to communicate as simply and as relevantly as possible. These meetings also create a time for fellow preachers to resource each other.

Preaching team meeting structure:

Macro-planning meetings:

These meetings happen at the start of a preaching series. They run for 3 hours  and most of the titles for the preaches within a series will be decided upon by the team.

Micro-planning meetings:

These meetings take place every Monday for an hour. During the course of these meetings, the most current preach will be discussed and the content settled. They will also discuss the role of the MC (master of ceremonies) and bounce feedback off each other in connection with the latest preach.


Multi-Site Preaching:

The preaching needs to represent the demographics of the city in which we live. For this reason, all the cultures which make up our particular city need to be represented in our preaches, and every site needs to be represented in the team. In this way a balance is created in our preaching series and the message within the preach is brought to all sites without culture becoming a barrier or hindrance to the message.